Results for Carsington Pastures, Carsington, 02/12/2001

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Planners Comments

Carsington Pastures is a wonderfully intricate area with no shortage of control sites especially if you favour pits. Its open nature means that course times are going to be fast and therefore I do not apologise for the course lengths being longer than usual. In September, when we could not go ahead with the original event scheduled for Eyam Moor due to the continuing Foot and Mouth restrictions and I was asked to plan for Carsington instead and knowing that the next couple of months would be hectic on both the home and work front, my sincere thanks go to my co-planners Sue and John who stepped in to help me out. Thanks also go to John Hopper for his patience and for his helpful comments to a first-time planner, and to Dave Bennett, Dave Chaffey and the Powells for helping gather in the controls, and to Derek Gale and James Allen for their gallant cross-country dash in Derek's 4x4 to bring home No 20! I hope you all enjoyed your day out.

Jayne Malley

Controllers Comments

The potential for planning more challenging and interesting courses on small intricate areas such as Carsington has been greatly improved with electronic punching. The Planner grasped this opportunity and judging from comments received and overheard, the courses were appreciated by the competitors.

Certificate times are as per the Guidelines except for Green which has been calculated from the time taken by the second fastest finisher.

As noted by the Planner, the course lengths for the longer courses were extended to reflect the fast terrain. With these longer lengths, the times taken by the majority of the finishers are within the recommended range apart from Yellow. A quick mental calculation of the winner's minutes per km on the Yellow gives a faster time than that for the Brown course winner - there must be some very fast juniors coming through.

Looking at the overall event, there was an excellent turn out which stretched the car parking and created queues at the Master Maps. We had hoped to use the registration field for car parking but that needed a good frost to become viable. The queuing system at the master maps, particularly for the Green and Blue courses, needs some thought. First come, first served works well for a punching start when there's a short queue, but a ten minute wait is not desirable in winter conditions.

John Hopper

Organisers Comments

I hope that everyone enjoyed running on what turned out (to my great relief) to be a dry day. The rain of the previous days lead to a restricted area having to be used for registration and as a result it became rather muddy. This was my first attempt at organising and I was very grateful for the help of all those club stalwarts who guided me and made it all happen on the day.

Special thanks to the farmers and landowners for their permission to use this area, at short notice since Eyam Moor had to be cancelled due to FMD.

Lost property (tel. 01335 370592):
Pair of child's trainers - Addidas Savage, size2.
Pair of spectacles with brown tortoiseshell frames and navy blue 'Croakies' retaining band.
Green Ultrasport NOC orienteering top.

John Northall

String Course Results

Zoe Chaffey		DVO		5		7:00
Tom Willby		SLOG	4		9:00
Jessica Berrisford	SYO		4		5:00
and Ben Berrsiford	SYO		6	 
Isabella Hinton		MDOC	3		15:00
Lindsay Coombs			6		11:00
Harriet Lawson		LEI		6		7:00
Nathan Lawson	LEI		4 		8:00
Rory Hanson		DVO		4		14:00
Christopher Mallinson LEI		6		12:00
Lewis Shooter		DVO		6		8:00
Jonathan Malley	NN		9		4:00
Sarah Duckworth	DVO	9 months		11:00
Charlotte Gale				2		23:00
Simon & Paul WrightDVO		9		5:00
   and Teige Malley	DVO		12	 
Daniel Kimberley	DVO		13		6:00
Amy Kimberley	DVO		6		10:00


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