Elvaston Castle Night Event Results

3rd November 2001

If you have difficult reading them then please email me so that I can make them easier to use.

Stephen Kimberley


I hope you all enjoyed the event. Comments on the night were favourable. Thanks to the rangers at Elvaston Castle for their enthusiastic support. Our event and the circus didn't seem to impinge on each other although one competitor did mention intending to use the big top as his attack point for the final control. Unfortunately the circus packed away and left very swiftly partly through his run.

Thanks to Andy Jackson for returning to collect the controls in after taking Nicola to the local firework display and a special thanks to Mike Cowley for his offer of help near the end of the event.

Karen Jackson

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Short Course 1.9km

1	N Jackson	W10	DVO	29:30
2	S Thompson	M10	FVO	34:42


Medium Course 3.8km

1	E Heritage	M40	LEI	37:30
2	K Hughes	W21	NOC	39:39
3	I Hodson	M21	DVO	41:06
4	J Williamson	W18	LEI	44:39
5	U Williamson	W35	LEI	46:29
6	P Beresford	M21	SYO	47:20
7	P Robinson	M35	DVO	47:34
8	C Williamson	M14	LEI	47:49
9	R Davis		W35	DVO	48:38
10	T Mackervoy	M35	DVO	48:54
11	R Williamson	M55	LEI	49:18
12	P/H Hodkinson	M10/W45	NOC	58:55
13	J Beverley	W18	NOC	61:19
14	M Mackervoy	W21	DVO	61:57
15	Shepshed Running Club		85:25
16	B Stork		M45		95:20
	S Davis		M35	DVO	retired

Long Course 5.1km

1	Mick Lucking	M40	NOC	43:38
2	A Mackervoy	M35	DVO	44:10
3	D Bennett	M21	DVO	48:10
4	T Donaldson	M21	NOC	48:22
5	G Johnson	M45	DVO	52:18
6	P Beverley	M45	NOC	58:30
7	B Denness	M45	DVO	62:24
8	M Cowley	M55	LEI	87:53