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Ashbourne Street 'O' Results 06/05/01


I measured the straight line distance as 11Km. plus a lot of climb. It is unfortunate that some more footpaths are not open, and why is there never an clear feature where the route choice demands it?

Thank you to all who supported this, it almost makes all the effort worthwhile - but my feet are still sore from the day's planning! A careful attention to the control descriptions would have paid dividends for some competitors.

Thanks to those who recorded alternatives although we are still puzzled by some of the answers. I feel we have been strictly consistent in the marking after all the first half dozen competitors' answers are all correct.

The usual safety issue - from the count of descriptions handed out there is still someone out there! You MUST always report to the finish.

See you at Matlock - Mike Godfree


Score event

John Hurley	520	-10	510
John Hawkins	560	-60	500
Paul Addison			470
Colin Olivant			450
Matthew Dickinson			450
Tom Billam   			440
Tony Donaldson			430
Nick James	        	   	420
Graham Johnson			410
Brian Denness			410
John Hopper			410
Karen Jackson			400
David Olivant			400
John Dalton			400
Phil Pittson	440	-40	400
Ray Barnes	        		380
Simon Ford	         		370
Doug Dickinson			350
Ranald Macdonald			340
Rex Bleakman			340
Dave Walker			330
Liz Godfree			320
Paul Wright			320
Paul Robinson			320
Rachel Davis	330	-10	320
Ruth Johnson			310
Val Johnson			310
Hilary Hodkinson			300
Ann-Marie Duckworth		300
Sarah O'Neil			280
Helen O'Neil			280
Peter Hodkinson			270
Peter & Judy Pittson		270
Tony Berwick	280	-30	250
Roger Keeling			240
Daniel Kimberley			230
Simon Davis			220
John Pickles	250	-30	220
Pauline Olivant			210
Viv Macdonald			200
Nick Sibley			150
Simon, Thomas
& Christina Wright			130
Joy & Steve Hodkinson		130
Amy Kimberley			100

           DVO Event Results