Results for Cromford Moor & Black Rock, Cromford, 23/09/2001

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Comments and String Course results

Controller's Comments

When controlling I try to be as least intrusive as possible in respect of the planner's courses - this was the case with Andy's courses. I think Andy made good use of the area and avoided some of the worst parts - you may be surprised! The undergrowth was quite nasty in some areas but you should have seen the parts that were avoided.

No significant problems appear to have been experienced by competitors and winning times are typical for this area - so from the planning side a good result.

From the organising side of things, Tracey and Ian are first timers but I don't think that was noticeable as everything went off very well. Having e-punching appears to improve the efficiency of an event somewhat especially when there is a good team running the computer side of things - the speed of results processing is impressive.

Now that orienteering seems to be on again I suppose I'd better start getting fit!

John Hawkins

Planners Comments

If you think Cromford Moor is a hard place to run, you should try having it as your first attempt at planning a colour coded event. And be grateful that I actually planned-out the nasty bits! I tried to keep criss-crossing of routes to a minimum because, although e-punching allows this to happen, it can be a bit messy to mark up your map. I also made sure that all courses (except white - sorry!) visited either the trig point area to the west, or the top of the incline to the north, to take advantage of two of the best viewpoints in the area in case you, like me, enjoy good scenery while running.

There were a fair number of grumbles about the pair of crags (104 and 105) and pair of depressions (147 and 148), but no one tried to say they were wrongly placed, and most of you found whichever one was on your course, so I'd say they achieved the level of challenge (and notoriety) that I had intended.

Big thanks to Dave Bennett for helping put out controls with me and to those who willingly helped collect in. Also thanks to John for broadening my experience through his laid-back but knowledgeable approach to controlling.

Andy Mackervoy

Organisers' Comments

Superb facilities at Birchwood Farm made the organising of this event all the easier; thanks to Mrs Smith for making the camping fields available and to the Forestry Commission for access to Black Rocks. As this was our first time out at this organising business, we hand picked an A-team of experienced helpers; our sincere thanks go out to all of them for taking much of the burden from our shoulders. Several worked such long shifts that they did not get a run in themselves and others then happily went off to collect controls in for Andy. E punching worked very well and has much to commend it for getting results out quickly and with minimal effort (at least on our part!).

Well done Andy and John for planning and controlling such good courses. It is good to get things underway again locally after such a long lay off.

Tracey and Ian Grant

A note from the computer team

390 competitors was rather more than we needed for our first full-scale electronic event but we coped - just. It is a challenge getting all the entry details typed in on two computers before their owner has run the course. Clearer handwriting would help - perhaps we need a table for competitors to use for completing the forms. The more regular competitors who have their own e-card registered with BOF the easier it will be - the system knows all your details and we just use them for confirmation. We used the mini-printer for printing split times until the paper ran out and then changed to printing them from the main download. The mini-printer is completely independent so knows nothing about the courses and does not report any mis-punching. The advantage is that it means a back up system is instantly available if the main computer system fails. Our thanks to the half-dozen competitors whose e-card details had either not been entered or had been wrongly entered in the system and were asked to leave their e-cards for a while so we could sort them out.

Any comments welcome to


String Course

Aidan Smith 		SYO	6yrs	6mins
Joanna Smith		SYO	3	12mins
Luke Addison		DVO	7	4mins
Alexi Davidson		LEI	7	5mins
Daniel Davidson		LEI	7	5mins
Nicola Jackson		DVO	5	8mins
Matthew Drew		NOC	6	6mins
Katherine Drew		NOC	6	8mins
Robert Drew		NOC	13	4mins
Joy Hodkinson		NOC	6	7mins
Vicky Reynolds		DVO	13	8mins
Niomy Lor		LEI	8	7mins
Helen Wood		AIRE	5	10mins
Claudia Smith		NOC	6	8mins
Stuart Thomson		FVO	10	4mins
Craig Thomson		FVO	7	7mins
Stephen Hawkins		DVO	9	6mins
Rachel Birrel		DVO	3	17mins
Sam Drinkwater		PFO	5	8mins
Alice Drinkwater	PFO	5	8mins
Simon			DVO	9	4mins
Amy Kimberley		DVO	6	12mins
Amelia Shooter		DVO	9	8mins
Lewis Shooter		DVO	6	8mins
Teige & Erin		DVO	12	2mins
Sophie Gordon			6	16mins
Nicholas Gordon			3	16mins
Tim Martin		EBOR	10	4mins
Lawrie Illingworth		7	8mins
Amy				4	8mins
Jamie Martin		EBOR	7	5mins
Sean Martin		EBOR	5	6mins
Adam Illingworth		7	8mins
Harriet Lawson		LEI	6	7mins
Nathan Lawson		LEI	4	8mins
Nathan Lawson		LEI	4	6mins
Toby Burby			3	29mins
Toby Burby			3	22mins
Skye Peat			3	19mins
Ella Pendy			2	24mins
Samuel Horsewill	NOC	7	6mins
Hannah Horsewill	NOC	5	7mins
Nicola Jackson		DVO	5	8mins
Nicola Jackson		DVO	5	6mins
Jessica Addison		DVO	9	8mins
Peter Hodkinson		NOC	10	3mins
Joy Hodkinson		NOC	6	5mins
Erin Wilkinson			5	9mins
Erin Wilkinson			5	6mins
David Field			6	11mins
Emily Field			4	13mins
Alex Elsy			7	11mins
Michael Elsy			5	11mins
Alex Murray			5	15mins
Alex Davidson		LEI	7	6mins
Daniel Davidson		LEI	7	5mins