Results for EM League Event, Calke, 24/04/2016

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Planner’s comments:
I hope you all enjoyed the varied terrain of Calke, and appreciated the ancient oaks. Its an interesting patch to plan with only limited technical detail and quite a lot of fences. Decent weather and drier ground (oh yes) helped quite a bit.


The disappearance of one fence shortly before the event was an unwelcome surprise on Saturday. The tape replacement obviously caused some consternation for some runners. Unfortunately, as the Orange course used it as a control feature, I had to put something in its place.


As ever, it was interesting to stand in the terrain and watch competitors criss-crossing the more complex bits with varying degrees of efficiency. Clearly there was enough detail here to make competitors think a little. I do appreciate that it was a challenge to determine which of the many unusual trees were sufficiently noteworthy to be mapped.


I particularly liked control 137 boulder 0.5m W side. A cube of rock almost perfectly sized to hide a control.


Thanks to Dai for controlling and the DVO teams for efficiently running the event. I particularly appreciated not having to collect all the controls!

Controller’s comments:
From comments received at the finish line I think most people enjoyed Rob’s courses. The high number of controls in the area and short legs through the more interesting parts did force some people to slow down and think.


We are very grateful to the NT team at Calke for their support on a busy weekend for them. The orienteers were not the only people enjoying the bluebells in the woods.


Organiser’s comments

Thank you to all those who helped put on such a successful event at Calke Park and thank you to the competitors for making fine work of Rob's courses.  Apart from the four-seasons-in-one-day weather system I think the competition can be summed up as a great success.  We look forward to seeing you all at the next event.


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