Results for DVO EM League Event, Eyam Moor, 11/12/2016

Our thanks to the 3 competitors who abandoned their runs to assist an injured competitor.
Lost property – right hand black glove, email as below to claim.

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2nd January Bank Holiday Monday, Belper Urban.  UK and EM Urban Leagues.  Pre-enter on Fabian (  now to guarantee a map. EOD may be limited.
Sunday 29th January,  Level B event at Shining Cliff (Ambergate) on a new map by Richard Parkin.  Entries open now on Fabian.

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Controller’s Comments


The more astute amongst you will have noticed that the date on the map and the control descriptions was 17 January 2016. Unfortunately, that event had to be cancelled because of overnight snow and this was a re-run.


Firstly, thanks to Lester Hartmann – ably assisted by Lynden and Dan – for his challenging but, as far as I was concerned, very fair courses. The most common comment from finishers was “That was really tough, but I enjoyed it.” The heather had grown somewhat since the courses were planned last year and the indistinct paths had become even more so. Eyam Moor is always going to be tough and regulars recognise this, so much so that, combined with the cold wind, many dropped down a course – apologies to those on Short Green who had to wait for a map or had their map recycled.


There were comments about control 147, a pit, and whether it was fair or not. Over the last few days five of us had re-taped, hung or checked the control and had to look carefully at the surrounding terrain to check we had it right. It was the three small knolls that were the clearest indicator for us together with aiming off the various path bends;  for the more successful orienteers it was being able to hold a bearing and interpret the map accurately at speed. Our view was that it was a good TD5 control that punished any lack of concentration or technique.


Thanks to Ned Needham as Organiser and the usual slick work by the team leaders and their teams. Also to the control collectors – Graham (Team Leader), Sal and Dave, Michelle and Andy. Also to Viv (Controller’s Dogsbody – her description) and Cassie (Controller’s Dogsbody’s Dog) for accompanying me on various trips across the moor in variable weather conditions.


Thanks also to Liz Heaton, Judy Johnson and Andrew Yeates who all gave up their runs to help an injured competitor off the moor. Yes, it’s what the rules say you should do but it was still good of the three of them to offer their help.


However, it was a shame that some competitors felt they can gain an unfair advantage by crossing a clearly marked uncrossable wall. A route choice was given through the crossing points but the connecting line was clearly broken on either side of the wall.


To conclude, I think it was a very successful event, not least because of the 230 competitors whose presence will help keep our Treasurer happy!


See you all at the Belper Urban Event on 2nd January, if not before.


Ranald Macdonald, Event Controller


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