Results for East Midlands 2017 Championships, Bretton Clough & Eyam Moor, 28/01/2018

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East Midlands Champions

Course Results
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Course splits

Course 1

M21 Black

Course 2

M35 M40 Brown

Course 3

M18 M20 M45 M50 W21 M21S ShBr

Course 4

M16 M55 M60 W35 W40 M35S M40S Blue

Course 5

M65 W18 W20 W45 W50 M50S M20S M45S W21S ShBlu

Course 6

M70 W16 W55 W60 M55S M60S W35S W40S Green

Course 7

M75 M80 W65 W70 M65S W18S W20S W45S W50S ShGr

Course 8

W75 W80 M70S M75S M80S W55S W60S W65S W70S VSG

Course 9

M14 W14 M16B W16B LGren

Course 10

M12 W12 M14B W14B Orng

Course 11

M10 W10 M12B W12B Yellw

Course 12

M10B W10B White

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Organiser’s Comments:

Well, the 2017 East Midlands Championships finally took place today, with some ‘churn’ of entries as a result of the postponement and clashing fixtures. Thanks to Ann-Marie for her input as December Organiser. With the withdrawal of the field on the Tuesday before the event, it was my job to transpose the arrangements she’d carefully put in place. I’m very fortunate that Stuart had suggested visiting the Gliding Club as a back-up in mid January, as it took much of the uncertainty out of the situation. Thank you Roger, Shirley and Brian from the Gliding Club for welcoming us as our plans changed at the last minute!

    A big thank you to the DVO help teams who have been working behind the scenes (and in front) meaning that I didn’t get mired in too much detail. Nice to work with Keith, a Controller who has migrated into DVO territory. He and Richard can now have a well-earned rest!

Sal Chaffey


Planner’s Comments

Bretton Clough may not be as technically challenging as it seems, but it is a very interesting area in which to orienteer. I wanted as many competitors as possible to get that opportunity and the best way to achieve that was to start at the western extreme. The downside was the climb out of the clough at the end for the shorter courses. Had the event been scheduled for January originally, and not early December, the low level of the bracken would have permitted more interesting legs in this last section of the courses.

I was very pleased to see the variety of routes chosen out of the clough on the longer courses. I saw all the anticipated variants and more. (Thanks for up-loading them to Route Gadget.) I confess I was also pleased to see people fall into the traps that were set: visiting the wrong ‘drumlin,’ overshooting on a short leg, following competitors on another course to their control.

The Black course was won in just under the recommended time. Well done, Jonny Malley. We got that about right. I’d like to apologise to those who may have found their Short Blue course more physically challenging than they wanted. I was keen to give you the long route choice leg but it turned out to be a bridge (or wall) too far. The alternatives were less interesting, I promise.

I would also concede control #155 on the top three courses could have been more visible, particularly for those on Short Brown who ran straight at it from the NW. It was visible from over 20m from a range of other directions, including the straight line for Black and Brown (I checked today). The kite was placed at the front of the depression but a position further back may have prevented some of you from going astray. Apologies to those of you who felt it was unfair.

I’d like to thank the control collectors, the finish and start teams out there in the cold, also the marshals waiting around for the minibus, and of course Sal Chaffey for assuming organizing duties and dealing with the last-minute parking arrangements.

And thanks to all of you for coming.


Richard Parkin


Controller’s Comments

The contrasting terrain across the map provided Richard with an excellent area on which to start planning - but also produced its own challenges. The small number of tracks restricted opportunities for the junior courses whilst the desire to get all other courses into the narrow contoured area of Bretton Clough resulted in the two separate starts. Bussing solved that problem although last minute parking changes altered the arrangements. Unfortunately compromises on distance and best use of the terrain did result in the Short Blue being a little long and the climb at the end of the shorter courses was unavoidable.
Bracken grew vigorously in the summer across the moor but had died back sufficiently to be a challenge rather than a physical impediment.
Not only was Richard the planner, but he also remapped the area, a major piece of work. Discussions on the day and subsequent plots on Routegadget show that he created a wide range of route choices, it's not often you see so many variations being taken.
Unfortunately the December snow meant the postponement of the event after Ann-Marie's initial organisation but that was the only realistic option. Sal Chaffey took over but with the last minute loss of parking she had to reorganise much more than just reversing the bus route.
On the day everything ran smoothly and even the weather was kind. Well done to Richard as well as Ann-Marie and Sal as well as all helpers.
Congratulations to all regional champions on their runs.
Keith Downing  (SMOC)


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