Results for EMUL event, Buxton, 01/01/2018


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Organiser’s comments

I hope everyone enjoyed their run today in the beautiful winter sunshine.

We had people taking part from as far away as Halifax, Lincoln, Manchester and other corners of the Midlands, but also many local Buxton families too.

See you at the next orienteering event.



Planner’s comments
From the comments I received afterwards most of you enjoyed your courses today and appreciated what I was trying to do in my planning. The British Orienteering guidelines for urban events say: "The best areas tend to be the older areas of towns and cities which have developed haphazardly over many years. Areas with a regular grid type of pattern of streets are less suitable." Buxton town centre has certainly developed haphazardly and it was this feature that I was trying to focus on rather than long, dead legs in the suburbs which always leads me to wonder why I do urbans. It meant that I had use two sides for courses 1, 2 and 3 and there was a lot of criss-crossing, including crossing the main road, but it did create some route choice and forced you to read the control description!


There were some very close times - the first five on Course 2 only had 30 seconds between them - and no very long tails of times, except perhaps where people chose a course too long for their experience. Not everyone likes the mass start whilst others commented on it making for exciting head-to-head racing, more akin to what relays should be.


Apologies for a few blips where I failed to cut a connection line - it all looks very different on screen.


I know it's very frustrating for those under 16 on the day of the event to have to run course 6 but we are bound by British Orienteering's insurer's stipulation.


My particular thanks to Mike Godfree for his advice, suggestions and oversight which helped me produce better courses as well as his amendments to the map. Thanks also to Ann-Marie for organising an efficient team of helpers and Graham Johnson and his merry band of control collectors.


Ranald Macdonald, Planner



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