Results for EML Grangewood, Grangewood, 14/10/2018

Our thanks for access to Jane Kirkland of Grangewood Farm Livery (parking and southern half) and Chris Williams & Eric Porter of the Woodland Trust (northern half).

Next events:  Sat. 27th October p.m., Alfreton Park Local event, Sat. 10th November p.m., Shipley Country Park local event and Sun. 18th November, a.m. Linacre Reservoirs, East Midlands League Regional event.

Lost Property, Thumbcompass and thin gloves left at download by same person, claim as below.

Spare a thought for the event officials who still have all the equipment to dry out!

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Planner’s Comments
This was my first Level C event as a Planner and I enjoyed the challenge of setting the full range of courses on this distinctive area.  Course lengths were a bit on the short side but we were a little restricted by needing to keep clear of certain areas with ongoing forestry work.  Thanks to all competitors for turning out in such terrible weather and making the hard work worthwhile, and for the mostly-positive feedback!  Thanks also to all the officials and volunteers, but particularly to Doug Dickinson for his guidance in the planning phase, and help setting everything up yesterday afternoon and this morning.

David Pettit

Controller’s Comments

Sorry about the rain!  Yesterday as we put the controls out the sun shone and all was quiet in the wood … honest. WE hope that you ‘enjoyed’ your courses, in spite of the wetness. Grangewood is a devious little area that can easily catch you out in a moment of lax concentration.

My grateful thanks to the various DVO teams, organised by David Vincent, who, as is their custom, sprang into action to ensure the smooth running of the event administratively. A special mention to the Planner, David Pettit who honed the courses into an interesting test of your route choice and accuracy. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Doug Dickinson



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