Results for EM League Event, Linacre, 18/11/2018

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Sunday 9th December, Derby Oakwood Urban event.  Final event of EM and UK Urban Leagues.  Pre-entry available via, limited EOD.
Tuesday 1st January. Markeaton Park and Derby West.  Urban event with course within park for families and M/W12-.  Mass start (but not a score event) at 11:00.  First event of 2019 EMUL with prize giving for 2018 league.

Lost property: Vapro control description holder from a green course competitor.  Claim as below.

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Controller’s Comments


Firstly, many thanks and congratulations to Tony Stirland on his first planning of a Level C/Regional event. Having only planned two Level Ds before, it was a steep learning curve for Tony and he took to the challenge enthusiastically. Yes, we had a couple of problems which, as Controller I should have spotted. The one I really should have picked up was going from 5 to 6 on the Green and Brown courses took competitors close to control 9 which, if they had their maps orientated, looked like a 6. Some found this confusing, others saying it wasn’t a problem if you looked at the map carefully. However I should have spotted it.


There were comments on some small depressions close to a thicket when there were other unmapped thickets in the circle. Again, others said that if you used the contours, compass and pacing, rather than vegetation, it wasn’t a problem.


The Blue and Brown courses had significant climb, particularly to the north of the middle reservoir. By deciding not to use the south-west part of the map because of difficult undergrowth, we had to contend with a very narrow corridor through which to take the courses. In trying to avoid obvious path runs we had to zigzag up and down the hill, which lead to some steep climbs. Sorry to the M70+s who didn’t like it!


Overhearing some negative comments made to me, someone else said it’s only those who make mistakes who complain. Worth thinking about …  Common comments included words such as ‘tough’, ‘challenging’ and ‘enjoyable’; perhaps what orienteering should be all about. It is great to get back into Linacre Reservoir woods after such a break. The undergrowth was a bit tough for some but please remember that the event was originally planned for March but had to be rescheduled because of the snow.  Again, others thought it was fine and there was often a path option. The weather over the last couple of days was wonderful, presenting the woods in a great light.


Having analysed the results, it’s clear that none of the courses was too long and the spread of times weren’t too great. On Brown, the winning time for a good elite runner is supposed to be 57 minutes – Joe Taunton took 56.20. If anyone would like a more in depth analysis, do get in touch with me. It’s a shame our numbers were down but unfortunately we clashed with the British Schools Orienteering Championships which took many youngsters and their parents away.


As well as thanks to Tony, I must thank Richard Parkin for running round on Sunday morning to wake up all the controls, taking an enormous burden off our shoulders. He claims to have done all 50 controls in 89 minutes!


Thanks also to Viv and Cassie for accompanying me on a number of my controlling outings, to Stuart for taking on the Organising role at the last minute, to all the Team Leaders and their helpers  and, as always, to the Control Collecting Team, who make the life of the Planner and Controller easier at the end of a long weekend. Finally, thanks to those of you who came and competed and made our efforts all worthwhile – it would have been lonely without you!


Ranald Macdonald, Controller

Planner Tony Stirland
Controller Ranald Macdonald
Organiser Stuart Swalwell

Comparing with the results from 1979, the second event on the area, at least 10 competitors at both events.

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