Results for Birchen Edge EM League, Birchen Edge, 10/02/2019

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Lost property:
Short control description holder with light green descriptions left at download.
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Organiser – Sal Chaffey, Planner – Dave Chaffey, Controller Mark Chapman (SYO)
Your thanks are also due to a large number of volunteers.

Next event, Sunday 24th March, Crich Chase, Ambergate, Regional East Midlands League event with white to brown courses.

Controller’s Comments
It's been great working with Dave & Sal. They are machines in terms of planning and organising races for DVO. I think they have organised a wonderful event on a wonderful area. OK - lots of comments in the runnability of the area. I too struggled over the weekend. 


This event has taken 2-3 years for me to control! I initially was down for controlling Lindop Woods but then I had a knee operation so I moved off that event for this event. Then this event was delayed 13 months as the event on Eyam stole Birchen's date.


I had 2 main issues with the courses. One was the finish. The main issue here was the shorter courses followed the main track down the hill. However, this site was convenient for the longer courses and there was no other solution if you are finished on this side of the area. On the day this proved not to be an issue.


My other concern was the orange course. I don't think Dave or I were happy with the final course. This ended up as a compromise! Dave was unhappy with the tussocks that juniors had to take in the northern part of the course. The final course was a dampened down course. The times on the whole were long and this course seemed to have the most DNFs.


So well done DVO and thanks to Rich Parkin for updating the map.


Mark Chapman


South Yorkshire Orienteers (SYO)


Organiser’s and Planner’s Comments
We’ve been anxiously weather watching for weeks, and in the end, parking conditions were just about ok! A huge thanks to Stuart Swalwell and Malcolm Spencer for  laying the matting to get you into Assembly. And to Alimats of Ashbourne for the loan of the yellow mats. Thank you also to the many DVO helpers, not all of whom managed a run.


We too have enjoyed working with Mark to put on an event on the challenging and lovely terrain that Birchen offers. Many thanks for your help and guidance!


Lost property: a Pertex baseball-type cap, a pair of Vavrys running glasses, please email Sal to claim/arrange collection.


Dave Chaffey, Planner

Sal Chaffey, Organiser: 



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