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Bowmer Rough String Course results 25-04-04

Name		Club	Age	Time (minutes)
Ella Pendry	-	4	20 mins
Shawna Pendry	-	2	20 mins
Alex Walker 	DVO	1	
Jack Bennett	-	1	
Amy Bennett	-	1	
Amy Kimberley	DVO	8	7 mins
Holly Grainger	-	5	15 mins
Zoe Chaffey	DVO	7	10 mins
Nick Edwards	-	2	23 mins
Oliver Edwards	-	5	10 mins
William Woodruff -	4	13 mins
Abbie Wayte	-	5	23 mins
Amily Wayte	-	2	27 mins
Sarah Chaffey	DVO	2	22 mins
Nicola Jackson	DVO	8	6 mins
Jenny Jones	-	8	7 mins
Sean Martin	NOC	7	12 mins
Hannah HorsewillNOC	8	7 mins
Samuel Davis	DVO	1	65 mins
Aleksi Davidson	LEI	9	5 mins
Jessica RaffertyMDOC	2	37 mins
Harriet Lawson	DVO	8	5 mins
Nathan Lawson	DVO	7	5 mins
Robyn Allan	-	7	10 mins
Rebecca Kirkwood-	4	17 mins
Tamsin McGraw	DVO	4	17 mins
Caroline Garfield-	7	12 mins
Stephanie Garfield	9	6 mins
Jenny Jones	-	9	10 mins
Jethro McGraw	DVO	6	9 mins
Evelyn Elmes	DEE	5	16 mins
Patsy Greenwood	-	9	5 mins
Matilda Greenwood-	6	10 mins
Elsie Greenwood	-	3	14 mins
Daniel Davidson	LEI	9	6 mins
Helen Elmes	DEE	9	6 mins
Bradley Durrant	LOG	7	6 mins
Daniel Durrant	LOG	5	6 mins

Controllers Comments

On what was a very warm day it was pleasing to see a good turn out.  A mild winter has seen some rapid growth of the flora (Bracken, brambles and nettles) in the last few weeks and this is probably the latest time in the year the event can be staged. The course lengths were deliberately kept short as Crich (Old English for hill and it is some hill) Chase is quite physical. The times taken show that this was the wise decision with most people taking over 55 min on the technical courses. Course times on the white and yellow were fast, very fast (I think there is a record split on the white course of 11 seconds!) but the area is difficult to fit junior courses in without making them excessively long or arduous.

  One decision was to give the finish control a description with the senior courses having a navigable leg, with route choice, from the penultimate control. The need for a hundred metre dash is, in my view, obselete in time trial races due to the use of  electronic SI units. There is now no longer a need to have a helper shouting "now" to the offical with a stopwatch so the run-in is superfluous.  What are your thoughts.  

  I would like to thank The Estate of Mr Smith, TransCo, and Severn Trent for access to the competition area and to Mr and Mrs P Dawes for once again allowing their farm to be taken over by DVO. The refreshment tent was just perfect on a such a beautiful day.  

Award winning photographer Jane Barlow of the Derby Daily Telegraph Group was walking around the area during the course of the day taking pictures of various aspects of the event.  

See regional press (Derby Evening Telegraph) for details   It is also hoped reports will appear in other newspapers   Local (Belper News, Ripley and Heanor News, Matlock Mercury), Regional (Derbyshire Times)

Final thanks to all DVO helpers and planners (Jen and Derek) and organisers (Pauline and Brian)  

Paul Wright


Organisers' Comments

A quote from someone enjoying a post-event picnic in the field, "it's an organiser's dream come true", summed up the weather and the parking arrangements.

This was the first time a day event had been based at Bowmer Rough Farm. Although this necessitated a longer walk to the Start & Finish, the bonuses were the panoramic view, a ready supply of drinking water, mains electricity when the download suffered a glitch and refreshments laid on by the farmer's family.

Paul has put all the "Thanks" in his report, so it just remains for us to thank him for his local knowledge, which was of great value to us in organising the event.

Brian & Pauline Ward

Found Property
Child's red polo shirt - age 10-11
Black styling comb
Silva compass with different map scales on.

To claim, please phone the organisers on 01773 850272

Planners Comments

This was our first time planning but the unstinting support of our controller Paul and the close co-operation with the efficient organisers Pauline & Brian made it much less difficult than it might have been.

The tough brambles and the unexpected heat made courses more physical than expected, but the winning times indicated they were still not too extreme. Crich has been used on many occasions and we tried to find a different start and finish. Even though the times on white and yellow looked fast, the personal experience of taking our granddaughter round showed that the last 2 or 3 controls uphill in that heat were hard on the younger ones - and then that walk to download! We would have liked to take people back to the cars around the hill but we could not get permission from the landowners. We just hope the beautiful bluebells and opportunity to sit out in the sun afterwards made up for the exhaustion.

We would also like to thank the people who collected controls in for us; we could not have done it without them.

Derek and Jen Gale

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