Results for DVO District Event, Carsington Pastures, 30/09/2007

Sunday 21:18 provisional results uploaded

Sorry about the delay in producing the Yvette Baker Trophy results.  As you will see they are close. 
We were unable to type names into the download computers as quickly as competitors were finishing so were unsure who qualified.

Next events:  District Event at Linacre, near Chesterfield.  Sunday 18th November.
East Midlands Championships & National Event, Longshaw Sunday 9th December, pre-entry via link on this web site.


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Planners Comments

Having run many times on Carsington and Harboro' Rocks it was nice this time to have the opportunity to plan here.

For the Yvette Baker Trophy courses we endeavoured to provide courses that we sufficiently challenging and fair but safe given the possibility of bad weather/mist at this time of the year and many less experienced juniors. Fortunately the weather was wonderful and it was encouraging for the sport to see so many juniors competing.  

For the longer courses I wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to experience Harboro' Rocks before the 'pits' of Carsington so I hope I made the short walk to the start worth it. It's difficult to provide long legs on this area so the challenge was to be accurate and clean through many controls where the cumulative effective of smaller errors can become significant.  

My thanks to Ranald for his words of wisdom, and to Mike Godfree for his help with OCAD, maps and the SI kit

Dave Lawson



Controller's Comments

I hope you were all pleased with David's courses - certainly the comments we got at the 
finish suggested many of you enjoyed your runs. My thanks to David for his hard work
in planning some challenging courses and making full use of the area, not least by
starting the longer courses up on Harboro Rocks and criss-crossing the area well.
We had the obvious additional numbers as a result of the Yvette Baler trophy round
resulting in around 350 total runs. My analysis of the provisional results show that Yellow and Orange were too short,
whilst the other courses were about right in terms of the majority of finishers
being within the recommended time. It is always difficult to plan the shorter
courses within guidelines, partly because of the lack of a good path network.
We also tried to plan Yellow at Technical Difficulty (TD) 2 and Orange at TD 3. Thanks also to Stuart and his willing band of helpers.
Course Total runners Expected time Number of finishers Number faster Number slower or disqualified
for most competitors within recommended time (mins) White 29 15-35 16 10 3 Yellow 69 25-45 14 45 10 Orange 36 35-60 11 21 4 Light Green 53 35-60 33 9 11 Red 2 45-75 1 1 0 Green 70 45-75 54 6 10 Blue 49 55-90 38 1 10 Brown 36 65-105 23 9 4 Ranald Macdonald Derwent Valley Orienteers


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