Results for District Event, Crich, 24/04/2005


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Organiser's Comments

I hope you enjoyed your orienteering on Crich. It was encouraging to have a good turnout. Checking on the competitors last year at Crich I have counted the same number exactly as this year. Spooky or what?
Many thanks to Neil and Emma Dawes at the farm for their help and parking field. Two months ago in was ankle deep in water and even two weeks ago would have been impossible to drive on.
Thanks to all who offered and helped before and on the day, to John for his planning and Brian for his assistance.

Terry Peach

Planner's Comments

Thank you all for coming. A good turnout on a fine day makes the planning effort well worthwhile. Crich is such a difficult area underfoot that it needs short course lengths. The results suggest that the lengths were about right except for the Light Green being a bit too long. I hope you all enjoyed the navigation challenge which Crich offers and didn't find the physical conditions too bad.
My thanks are due to controller Brian Ward, ably assisted by wife Pauline, for his light touch and for collecting controls. Also a special thank you to my brother Paul who had an early start to put out controls for the White, Yellow and Orange courses and also collected many of the more distant controls in the afternoon after running the Blue.

John Armstrong

Controllers Comments

Everything seemed to go well on the day ideal weather, excellent courses, good organisation and a splendid turnout. A few competitors grumbled about the map, which is 3 years old; I believe that it has lasted very well but would accept that the mountain bikers have created new trails here and there, also that it is now time to update the vegetation in places.
A competitor who appeared at the download with a very bloody face caused the only alarm of the day; he had fallen on rough ground and crashed his head against a boulder. Ripley hospital gave him prompt attention, confirmed that no serious damage had been done & applied 6 stitches to the wound. We send him our best wishes & hope to see him in the forest again soon.

Dora the Explorer String Course Results

Name		Age 	Club	Time
Peter Mackervoy	3	DVO	52 mins
Zoe & Becky	8	DVO	9 mins
Bethany Edwards	7	-	18 mins
Matthew Jackson	4	DVO	29 mins
Tamsin McGraw	5	DVO	13 mins
Hannah		9	NOC	9 mins
Jethro McGraw	7	DVO	9 mins
Evie Kyte	6	-	18 mins
Hamish Mill	5	-	16 mins
Joseph Kyte	3	-	25 mins
Elisabeth	2	-	23 mins
Matthew		7	MDOC	8 mins
Ellie		10	MDOC	9 mins
Ella		6	-	23 mins
Shawna		3	-	23 mins
Sam		2	DVO	39 mins
Abbie		6	-	14 mins
Oliver		6	-	7 mins
Nic & Amelie	3	-	23 mins
Ranan		3	-	31 mins
Aidan		8	FYO	10 mins
Amica		2	-	28 mins
Sarah Duckworth	4	DVO	15 mins
Nathan		8	DVO	6 mins
Sarah Chaffey	3	DVO	38 mins

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