Results for DVO District Event, Crich Chase, 02/03/2008

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Controller'(on the day)'s Comments
Any credit for today's courses belongs with Paul Addison and Peter Bourne.  Paul had been
prepared to turn down his place running for England at the Interland competition as he was planning
today.  Thanks are due to Dave Chaffey for taking over the final stage of the planner's task.  Thanks
to Peter's meticulous controlling, which will be sorely missed, I had an easy job in the final run up
to the event. 
Our apologies to those who had to wait to hire e-cards and thanks to those who contributed their
own.  The distance to the start and back from the finish meant it took a long time before they could
be recycled.
Mike Godfree

Organisers Comments

Peter was also very thorough and helpful in his oversight of the event organisation, and gave me
the confidence that I was doing all the right things. Of all the DVO members who helped, I would
like to particularly thank Paul Wright for spending all of Saturday afternoon setting out the tapes
and signs in the assembly field

Dave Bennett

String Course Results

Times are Hours and Minutes

Name Age Club Time
Ben Beresford 12 DVO 00:02
Nicola Jackson 12 DVO 00:05
Peter Mackervoy 6 DVO 00:09
Imogen 5 DVO 00:10
Zac/Joe Field 6 EBOR 00:10
Matthew Jackson 7 DVO 00:11
Sophie Vincent 5 DVO 00:11
Maui 5 IND 00:17
Jamie 6 NOC 00:17
Heidi 3 DVO 00:17
Anica 5 DVO 00:18
Alex 19mth DVO 00:19
Jonah & Ffion 4/2 IND 00:19
William 3 IND 00:21
Jamie 2 SYO 00:24
Tom 2 LEI 00:25
Ben Mackervoy 4 DVO 00:26
Lewis Billington 15mth DVO 00:26

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