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Planners Comments

Planners Comments Kedleston is a difficult area to make the more technical courses remotely challenging especially
when many of the likely sites at the armchair planning stage turning out to be no-go areas on the ground.
But given the limitations most people seemed to enjoy their runs, helped by the unexpectedly pleasant weather.

The running times seemed to be about right, with only the yellow giving some cause for concern,
hopefully the competitors enjoyed the challenge and weren't put off.

We'd like to thank Colin for being critical where it was needed and endlessly helpful and flexible over the weekend;
and Brian for being an organiser who was easy to work with and ensured everything ran smoothly and calmly;
and lastly to all the DVO helpers who made it all work and especially the generous souls that helped collecting
the controls in, reducing the planners' exhaustion at the end of the day.



Controllers Comments

Controlling is an easy job on days like this. 
The rain held off (just) and in Brian and Derek and Jen there was a wealth of experience.
Thanks to them for making the event work so well and my job so easy. I'd also like to thank all the DVO members who just make the event happen - we have a large proportion of the club who are both willing to help and experienced. Kedleston will always be a technically easy area and the longer courses are as much cross-country run as navigational exercise, but Derek and Jen produced a set of courses that made the most of the area and fitted well within the guidelines. For those interested, the stats are: Course Guideline range (mins) Competitors ( exc dsq) No within guidelines % within Faster Slower White 15-35 20 15 75 1 4 Yellow 25-45 15 8 53 1 6 Orange 35-60 16 12 75 2 2 Red 45-75 5 4 80 0 1 L Green 35-60 27 15 56 6 6 Green 45-75 71 59 83 9 3 Blue 55-90 61 48 79 13 0 Brown 65-105 31 22 71 9 0 The only slight worry is on the Yellow course where 6 runners exceeded the time and there were 4 disqualifications. However 5 of the 6 were within 10 minutes of the upper bound and all the disqualifications were on different controls. As a one-off it's not statistically significant. Colin John
String Course Results. Kedleston String Course 7th September 2008 Name Age Club Time 1 Philip Wiegand 10 SYO 03:05 2 Adam Wiegand 7 SYO 04:55 3 Tim Elsmore 6 SYO 05:30 4 Rhiannon Emery 6 NOC 05:40 5 Megan Harrison 9 EPOC 05:45 6 Peter Mackervoy 6 DVO 06:45 7 Laura Harrison 7 EPOC 07:00 8 Lauren Emery 5 NOC 07:05 9 Imogen Wilson 7 LEI 07:35 10 Ben Mackervoy 4 DVO 08:30 11 Catherine Black 4 NOC 15:50 12 Gemma Black 2 NOC 17:00 13 Oliver Lewis 1 SN 20:40 14 Benjamin Wiliams 1 DVO 21:00 Return to DVO Home page

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