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Mike Bagworth would like to thank the kind orienteer in a white top who wasted 2m 29s whilst he copied his second half map,? stranded at control 16 he couldn' understand where the master maps had gone!!

Organiser's Comments

A magnificent sunny morning banished my fears of potential wind and rain in this exposed spot. The result was that the only problems I was aware of were due to the large numbers of runners. I hope everyone who wanted to run managed to do so without too much delay.

Many thanks to the willing helpers who made the day a success and thanks to the landowners for use of the area.

Lost property (telephone 01335 370592):- compass, compass with whistle attached, 1 beige right glove, 1 small red left glove.

John Northall

Planners Comments

A perfect January day and Shining Cliff's reputation as a good area brought numbers that exceeded all expectations.It was great to see so many people enjoying themselves in the forest.The longer courses were all close to the recommended times, which suggests that the length/climb balance  was about right, but fitness was certainly tested.   

Apologies to those who had to write up their own control descriptions and to any on Orange and Green runs affected by the missing pit control. Although this was remedied early we were unaware that a canny saboteur had moved the control to another pit. Consequently we had two controls out for a while which flummoxed the computer somewhat.  

Shining Cliff provides planning challenges due to encroaching brambles and SSSIs along the three streams that run down to the river. Courses were routed to avoid these areas and, with luck, the restrictions were not too noticeable.Once the climb to the finish was over and the dots in front of the eyes had subsided there was that amazing panorama to enjoy again. Few areas allow us to base the event amid such splendour.  

My thanks to Brian and Pauline Ward who provided sound advice and great support at every stage of the planning process.  

Brian Denness

Controllers Comments

Brian went to a lot of trouble with the placing of controls so as to keep you running in the best bits of the forest and to maximize the technical content. The area of the old quarries provided the most challenging terrain but it did mean that the Green course was more physical than I would have liked; perhaps I should have cut this one down to 3.5 kms

Thanks to an early DVO runner (Mike Godfree), control 133 was reported missing and replaced before most of you arrived on the scene. However the computer didn't "like" the replacement electronic box, which is the reason why many early Green runners were "disqualified". It soon became apparent that the original control had been moved to an adjacent pit and I went back into the area to resolve the matter. Fortunately I arrived just in time to reassure one lady that she wasn't going mad - she had just found two controls with the same code!

I remained in the competition area for some time just in case the vandal should strike again, which meant that I didn't spend much time in the assembly area. I believe that most people enjoyed their run and the majority of comments were favourable.

My thanks go to my wife, Pauline, for an immense amount of help at all stages of the event. Thanks also to John and his team for staging a successful event and handling so many competitors.

I sympathise with those who forgot to dib at the controls on crossing points - I did exactly the same thing at a recent event on Blacka Moor!

Many of you will know that Peter Bourne was due to be the Controller but unfortunately had to withdraw with medical problems. We trust that these are resolved soon and send him our best wishes.

Brian Ward

Other comments

Mike Bagworth would like to thank the orienteer in the white top who waited over 2 minutes whilst Mike copied up the second half of the brown course when stranded at control 14 wondering where the second master maps were.

With such a large entry we decided in the download tent to rely on Michael Napier's software's ability to recognise who you are from your dibber number and which course you have run (so long as you have run one of the courses correctly). If your result initially just showed "e-card 123456" that is because your e-card was not registered with the BOF database about 3 weeks ago. This would have worked even better if control 133 had not had to be replaced with the spare box 145 for some time. Apart from a brief period after an electrical overload the download kept pace

String Course Results

Name					Club		Age	Time (minutes)
Nicola Jackson				DVO		8	8
Zac Field				MDOC		8	8
Yasmin Field				MDOC		4	21
Jo Field				MDOC		2	32
Oliver Edwards	-					5	41
Tamsin McGraw				DVO		4	20
Jasper Williams				WCH		2	27
Sophie Gordon						8	11
Nick Gordon						8	11
Alasdair Dickinson			DVO		7	10
Tim Martin				NOC		12	6
Sean Martin				NOC		7	7
Jamie Martin				NOC		10	10
Rebecca Mead				DVO		9	8
Robyn Allan						7	7
Jethro McGraw				DVO		6	8
Shawna Pendry						1	24
Ella Pendry						4	24
Shawn							5	16
Natalie							8	15
Lucy							4	32
Ellie the Dog, Tom and Stephen 		OD	13, 6, 6	17
Amy Kimberley				DVO		8	9
Ben Beresford				DVO		8	7
Annabell						4	16
Rosie							6	15
Sam							5	17
Sarah Duckworth				DVO		2	23
Matthew Drew				NOC		9	6
William Parkinson			NOC		7	10
Matthew Drew				NOC		9	6
Nicola Northcott			DVO		6	16
Caterina Drew				NOC		9	6
Matthew and Ben Ross			OD		10, 8	7
Aleksi Davidson				LEI		9	6
Daniel Davidson				LEI		9	9
Claudia Smith				NOC		9	11
Hannah Horswill				NOC			7
Eleanor Wainwright					7	9
Matt Wainwright 					6	11
Oscar Wainwright					4	17
Ben Wainwright							19

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