Results for DVO District, Stanton Moor, 06/11/2005

Monday 16:30 provisional results uploaded

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Organisers Comments

When the heavens opened about 10am we were beginning to wonder if the Gods were against us and the event would have to be called off. It must be said that the preparations were not fun! However, a hand picked team of excellent helpers rallied round and the best was made of it all. Sincere thanks to all the helpers - a great team effort in atrocious conditions.

Some 250 brave soles turned out, several for their first orienteering event. Many of the early competitors got absolutely soaked, but later on things dried up a bit and as things turned out, the event seemed to be enjoyed by most competitors.

Lost property. 1 pair of running shoes with an 'N' logo. 1 pink ladies running top (Reebok).

Pls email or tel 01629 580781.

Ian and Tracey Grant.

Planners Comments

I think you enjoyed the combined challenge of the elements and the courses from speaking to a fair few of you.
I haven't planned for a while, so a learning experience for me and some apologies to make:
- Error on white course inconvenienced a few early competitors (see below)
- No control descriptions on master maps caused some mismarking of control sites
- Confusion caused for some on Blue and Brown since they thought second master maps would be on the moor rather than copying both maps at the start. This needs clearer instructions in on the day notices, at start and on the map board.
- Times on blue too long ? in retrospect, should not have included controls in NE of map which necessitated wallowing in mud and climbing the steep bank. I should have kept with the early version of the blue course which did not go down into the protestors camp area.
- Weather poor and timing wrong, but there was a great sunset at 4 for me though!  

Many thanks to Colin for his recommendations and to the control collectors which meant the head torch wasn't needed.  
I think I will make my next planning a bit sooner, but don't think I'll ever take on a major event!

Dave Chaffey

Controllers Comments

Having agreed to control the event at fairly short notice, I'm very grateful to be surrounded by DVO's usual group of competent people who make everything go well even in difficult conditions.

Apologies are due to a few early starters on White for a pair of inadvertently swapped controls. I'm afraid both Dave and I must have been brain-dead after 3 hours of being battered by the elements
I think it's significant that they were the last controls placed!  

Colin John, Controller

String Course results

Lucy Brown, age 6, 9 mins
Jethro McGraw, age 7
Peter Mackervoy, age 4
Ben Mackervoy, age 2

Not sure of all the times but I think congratulations are due just for going out in those conditions.

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