Mini League Leg 2

Pavilion Gardens

14th December 2010


The 2nd leg of the mini league took place in the Pavilion Gardens on Tuesday 14th December, there was a lot of good feed back on the course, the weather was fairly reasonable compared of late. As you can appreciate it is difficult to plan a course in a confined area with very few contours, that all the competitors train on regularly, but I think there was a good balance on the course, with short legs combined with a couple of long legs. There was plenty of route choice. I must apologize for the late start, but this was unavoidable due to work commitments, and also for the download failure, it turned out to be the battery, for those who didn’t get a printout and time split these will be available at the next training session, some have already got theirs when the battery was charged back at the school. Many thanks to those who collected the controls in at the end.

We had a very close finish with Louis being the winner in 17:18, closely followed by a creditable performance by Lauren in second place in 19:37, and in third we had Rebecca in 24:06.


Well done to all who took part.


The final positions are as follows


1  Louis Forshore Perring             SI 428417         17:18 

2  Lauren McNeil                          SI 428406         19:37

3  Rebecca  Perring                       SI 428415         24:06

4  Laura Kenny                             SI 428408         26:23

5  Chris Owen                               SI 428411         28:02

6  Mark Jones                               SI 428403         30:51

7  Louise & Kezia                        SI 428407         31:24

8 Karen & Oliver                          SI 428420         31:59

9 Kirsten Williams                       SI 428409         33:15

10 Mike Hunter                            SI 428402         50:34

    Ewan Jones                              SI 428418         dnf