Results for DVO District Event, Calke Park, 20/09/2009

Friday 25/09 provisional results uploaded

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String course results
Name	Age	Time
Hannah Freeman		8:00 mins
William Cole	1	39:00
Ailith Smith	4	14:00
Ivan Smith	3	17:00
Charlotte Crane	5	7:00
Alice Crane	7	5:00
Samuel Davis	6	15:00
Peter Mackervoy	7	5:00
Sarah Duckworth	8	5:00
Ban Mackervoy	5	10:00
Matthew Jackson	8	5:00
Alexa Lindsay	3	30:00
Enys Lloyd	2	18:00
Zoe Chaffey	12	7:40
Joel McGraw & Tamsin	5 & 9	6:00
Nicola Jackson	13	4:11
Jethro McGraw	11	3:16

Organisers comments for Calke 20-9-09

I hope you all enjoyed your run at Calke. The weather was fantastic and more suited to the après-run picnics than running round the courses!
My thanks go to the National Trust for allowing us to hold the event at Calke. Thanks also to John Hopper for controlling the event and to Colin John for planning the courses, and to all those who volunteered to help - you all did a great job so the event ran smoothly.
We do apologise to those competitors who could not have a print out of their results at download - there was a technical hitch with some new dibbers which the computers couldn't read! I think this has all now been sorted and you can view your results on the website. Thanks Mike & Steve for your technical wizardry!
I have one item of lost property - a Silva thumb compass. If it is yours please contact me on 01332 557892.

Michelle Mackervoy, event organiser.

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