Results for DVO Level C Event, Carsington Pastures, 25/09/2011

Route Gadget is now available though the course named Brown 2 is in fact the whole of the course.

Our thanks to those who handed in a Green map when we thought we were running out.  If you have not already given an address at download and would like a map please email

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Land Access note.

Many of you may have wondered why the eastern section of the Pastures was not used today. It had been planned to commence construction of a wind farm at the beginning of September. This meant that the area could not be used.

Unfortunately because of appeals etc the construction was delayed and will now commence in the new year. This was only found out about ten days ago, too late in the orienteering planning process to accommodate.


Hopefully we will able to use the area again in Autumn 2012 - with a bloomin' big map correction of course.


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