Results for DVO Level C Event, Crich Chase, 17/04/2011

Sunday 16:19 provisional results uploaded

The car park fee is being given to the following charities


£50 - Fritchley Play Group

£135 - The Air Ambulance

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String Course Results:

1        Oliver                             Age 9          5 mins

2        Alice C                           Age 8          6 mins                 

3        Jamey                           Age 9          7 Mins

=3     Monika                           Age 6           7 mins

4        Louisa B                        Age 6            9 mins

=4      Charlotte C                    Age 7          9 mins

5        Finlay                             Age 4          12 mins

6        Alexa                             Age 4            13 mins

7        John H                           Age M55       13:30 mins

8        Oliver C                         Age  2           16 mins

9        Enys                              Age 4            17 mins

10      Zachary & Joshua        Age 4/1       20 mins

11      Ava                                Age 4            21 mins


Organiser’s Comments

Firstly many thanks to everybody who helped make this a pleasure to organise especially the Controller John Hurley and the planners Judith Holt and John Cooke; to the team leaders who did a superb job and to their teams of helpers who toiled silently in the background. I must thank two people in particular: Paul Wright for his negotiation for and his marshalling of the (very) many car parks and Viv Macdonald who helped me every step of the way and made the job of organising as painless as it could be. If you’ve never organised an event do volunteer as there is plenty of support and help from within the club.

 Secondly many thanks to all the runners who turned up and ran today under a beautiful blue sky. The feedback I received from finishers as they came off the hill was very positive and although many were red faced they had all enjoyed their ‘run’!

 Finally a big thank you to all who rose to the DVO challenge to ‘go green’ and use public transport, bicycles etc. rather than their cars. The lowest carbon footprint of the day must go to the competitor who cycled from Stafford, ran and then cycled home – something mere mortals like me can only dream of doing!

 Paul Goodhead


Planners’ Comments


This was our first time planning for DVO, having moved into the area last November from LEI.  It might have been a little difficult getting to know the DVO systems but thanks to the Macdonald’s, Mike Godfree, Derek Gale and Paul Wright we had all the guidance we needed.  We also appreciated John Hurley’s helpful and efficient controlling of the event.


In planning on Crich we had to pay more attention to the length to climb ratio than we have typically had to do in LEI areas. Were the courses the right length/climb? Andrew Powell of NOC obviously thought not as he decided to do both the Blue and the Brown courses (winning the Blue) with only a 5 minute break between.


Perhaps the good weather helped people enjoy the event but judging from the remarks at the finish most people were satisfied with the courses and the times seem to bear that out.   The last leg of the technical courses challenged many competitors, the majority running down a gully instead of the parallel path and consequently emerging below the finish.  Although the red line had been broken to make it less difficult to read the map it was a challenge to spot the detail. When you have a path running down a gully which do you map? (answers on a postcard please). 


Thanks to Paul Goodhead and all the teams for the smooth running organisation.


Judith Holt and John Cooke





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