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20 years ago Cromford Moor was maturing nicely as an orienteering area. The trees were beginning to lose their low branches and the undergrowth had died through lack of light. But much of it was thinned letting in the light and brambles. Then some was clear felled and gales made a tangled mess of some of the exposed edges. Now another area has been felled and fenced with the aim of returning it to native moorland. But all the debris remains on the ground. So the map is ever changing and it hardly provides the best of orienteering areas.

It was a pleasure to work with Chris who was ably assisted by Ros and Lisa. All the timescales for planning were met with ease. I am sorry about controls 116 and 143 both being boulders and only 40m. apart. What started as a knoll and a boulder in that area ended up with 3 boulders because we were uncertain of the knoll and needed another control so each was only approached in one direction. I should have noticed that we then had two on the same feature too close together but there has to be some limit to the amount of time put into an event. I should also have realised that if we had difficulty when checking for control 114 that is was not a good site. The fence near the start is new since Chris and I checked the control sites and was only discovered after the maps went for printing.

Mike Godfree


Press report

Details of the event have beensent to local newspapers.

Changes at Cromford
Clear Felled areas may have surprised seasoned orienteers who turned up to the Derwent Valley Orienteers latest meet at Cromford Moor and Black Rock but they certainly took in their stride, even if those strides were big ones and little ones owing to the sheer physicality the area has to offer the orienteer. Cromford Moor has been used for orienteering for forty years and the area has seen many changes but none so dramatic as the recent change.
230 runners turned up to take on the challenge of Chris Bourneís courseís. First on the Brown Course, the longest and most difficult was Shane Lynch from Sheffield. Andy Sykes continued his good form by winning the Blue course and Sarah Duckworth shows much promise with her top position on the White Course.
For full details of the event and further information about orienteering please visit or telephone 01629 734042. The next club event is at Ilam Hall, Staffordshire on Saturday June 5th.

Local Results 
Junior Courses
     1        Sarah Duckworth    W10
     4        Alice Crane        W10 
     7        Charlotte Crane    W7
     9        Lucy Cundill       W9  
     12      Sophie Vincent      W10  
     15      Peter Mackervoy     M8   
     2        Ewan Jones         M10  
     5        Monika Dent        W6  
Intermediate Courses
     2        Louis Forshaw-Perring       M12
     10      Nicholas Gordon              M14  
     11      Kathryn Spendlove            W45  
     12      Joe Uprichard                   M12  
Light Green
 3          Islay Sellar          W16  
 7          Lorraine Jackson      W40  
 10         Jess Addison          W18   
 11         Sophie Gordon         W16  
 14         Laura Kenny           W21 
 16         Cathryn Goodhead      W45  
Senior Courses
     3       Liz Godfree           W60  
     9       David Vincent         M45  
     12      Mark Goodhead         M16  
     17      Val Johnson           W50  
     18      Dave Skidmore         M60 
     19      Ranald Macdonald      M55 
     20      Samantha Vincent      W18 
     25      Jean Sellar           W18 
     27      Martin Farr           M40  
     28      ZoŽ Gordon            W45  
     31      Sue Russell           W45   
     37      Tony Gordon           M50   
     38      Roger Hodgson         M50  
     41      Viv Macdonald         W55 
     1        Andy Sykes           M45  
     9        Rex Bleakman         M65  
     11      Paul Smith            M40  
     13      Robert Shooter        M55  
     17      Stuart Swalwell       M60  
     18      Mike Gardner          M50  
     20      Derek Gale            M65  
     32      Rebecca Perring       W45  
     6        Paul Addison        M50  
     10      David Clough         M40  
     11      Russell Buxton       M50  
     12      Brian Denness        M55  

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