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Press report (omitting results of DVO runners.


Fast running round Bessís place

During the 1940s if you had volunteered for The Parachute Regiment then you would have carried out your basic training at Hardwick Park. One of the exercises you would have had to carry out would be a cross-country run around the park but, with a 50lb kit bag on your back and in army boots. Perhaps these handicaps should have been introduced on Sunday when nearly 300 runners recorded some very fast times as they orienteered around the same area during Derwent Valley Orienteers most recent meeting.

Graham Johnsonís carefully planned courses tested the orienteer but with the openness of the area providing clear visibility and closely-cropped grass good conditions underfoot this was always going to be an area for the cross-country runner as opposed to the canny orienteer.

Nevertheless challenging and interesting courses were provided. These were colour-coded according to difficulty with a white course for youngsters through to a brown course for experienced orienteers. Paul Murgatroyd from Lincolnshire won the premier 10.2 km brown course in 54 min 27s. It was disappointing to record that there were no first places for Derbyshire runners but some highly creditable performances were put in. Louis Forshaw-Perring, was second on the orange course. Also second, on the blue course, was John Hurley and Chris Millard, Paul Addison and Ben Crane were third, fourth and fifth respectively on the brown course.

DVO's next major orienteering meeting is at Crich Chase, signposted from the Hurt Arms in Ambergate, on Sunday 17 April. There will be courses for all abilities. See or telephone 01629 734042 for further details.


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