Results for DVO club champs, Hardwick, 03/10/2009

Saturday 15:30 provisional results uploaded

Chris Yardley Trophy (1st Male across line on Long/Medium/Short) – David Vincent

Judy Buckley Trophy (1st Female across line on Long/Medium/Short) – Val Johnson

Lithuanian Trophy (1st Junior across line on Short)  - Nathan Lawson

40th Anniversary Trophy (1st Past member across line) – Alex Ross

Peter Bourne Trophy (Fastest Man on L/M/S) – Andy Jackson 4.8 mins/km adjusted for climb (2nd Paul Addison)

Karen Jackson Trophy (Fastest Woman on L/M/S) – Harriet Lawson 5.04 mins/km adjusted for climb (2nd Michelle Mackervoy)


Planners Comments

To keep the number of controls required to a minimum I decided to use loops with the short running one, the medium two and the long three. This also reduced the opportunities for following, but encouraged racing. I hope you found there were route choices, with controls not visible over the hills, and the opportunity to overtake. We were very fortunate with the weather considering the forecast. Thanks to injured club runners who helped on the day, Ro, Ros, Graham & Ranald (who also checked the courses), also to the Monday night runners for volunteering to collect the controls.  It looks as if competitive racing is more effective as I thought I had a good trial run last Sunday when I took 44 mins for the medium and completed the long in 75 mins.  Thanks to Mike for helping hang (and you have to thank him for insisting on reducing the length of the courses) and doing everything else (extending & revising the map, all the computing, chauffeuring etc.) – yet another club champs he has not been able to run!


Special mention to Sarah Duckworth who set off first on Yellow and was first to finish her course, a fine solo performance. 

Sports personality mention, spotted in the-1 box, Paul & Luke Addison changing one shoe between them!


Liz Godfree



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