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Controller's Comments:

First the serious business. I have decided to void control 141 (8 on Blue and 9 on Brown). Although this control was (arguably) correctly placed, there was too much discrepancy between the mapping and the actual terrain to make this a fair control. I take full responsibility for not having spotted that during the control checking procedure. This was not an open and shut case - the vast majority of runners seemed to have had no particular difficulty. In pre-electronic days I would not have voided the courses. However, given the technological capability and the fact that this was an EMOA League event, I take the view that this is the best and fairest outcome.The results will be amended accordingly. If you wish to contact me about this please use the email address below.

Apart from that the event passed off well - the showers were brief and the organisation, as ever, ran like clockwork. Brian's courses made the most of a technically limited area and the vast majority of you seemed to enjoy it. We took a deliberate decision to push the difficulty on Yellow and Orange - while staying within the guidelines - as this is a safe and limited area (if not here, then where?). This led to a bit of a tail on Orange, but there is no pattern of one or two controls having caused this, so I don't consider it to be a major issue.

Thanks to all the DVO volunteers, to Stuart, particularly for his negotiating skills, and to the National Trust wardens and staff, who were extemely helpful, though sometimes hard to contact, it must be said!

Colin John


Planner's Comments

Thanks for turning out on a day of mixed weather. It was largely pleasant, but I felt for those of you who were huddling by the bridge at the start when the worst of the squalls came across. As Colin has said Kedleston has its planning challenges, not least due to the nettles and brambles. Many took route choices that can only be described as brave; I hope that the more runnable legs and the otherwise beautiful surroundings took the sting out of your efforts.

Colin has made the right decision about 141. We felt the control was in the right place but, having come to it from the paths to the north and south rather than following the veg boundary, we missed the fact that the undergrowth had changed so much. Apologies to those who thrashed around looking for what became a bingo control.

A couple of people questioned the tree used for 133, and there was an unfortunate and unpleasant sight for some at 147, but other feedback was largely positive. I hope that you enjoyed your run.

Many thanks to Stuart, Rex, Graham, Ranald and Viv for making such light work of control collecting at the end of the day.


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