Results for DVO EM League, Lindop, 23/02/2014

Lost property: small red gloves, compass (left with blue map in toilets).  Contact as below

Planner’s comments:


It was great to see so many people out for a run today. Sadly there was no snow to knock down the brambles this year and that, coupled with the challenging climbs at Lindop, has led to times on some courses looking a little long. I hope it wasn’t too tough for you. On the whole we avoided the worst areas and tried to ensure that everyone ran in the best parts up on the top of the hill whenever possible. There are some lovely tracts of forest, which I hope contributed to an enjoyable day.


Many thanks to Mike, who provided great support as Controller both in the planning of the event and practically over the course of the weekend. Thanks also to Stuart for his assistance today and to John, John and Graham for collecting controls. You all helped to ensure that things ran very smoothly.


Brian Denness

Thanks are due to an unknown young lady competitor who spent time going to the assistance of an injured competitor.  He reports ‘nothing broken but some serious bruising’

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