Results for DVO EM League, Matlock Moor, 19/01/2014

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Controller’s comments:
When I first started checking the control sites I felt sure people would enjoy using such a wonderfully accurate map.  Richard put a great deal of time and thought into creating courses with an interesting variety of legs.  There were the usual last minute problems – the farmer did some fencing work in the week before the event hence the changes to the crossing points.  There was one area of windblow that required us to delete the penultimate control on the green course.  Unfortunately this left a long path run at the end of that course.  Thank you to Mr Mosley, the farmer, who managed to move his herd of Longhorn cattle off the moor bar a few truants who were spotted by some competitors in the woods.  Thanks as well to Julia & Bryn Apperley who made us welcome in the pavilion and did not fuss about mud on the floor.

Judith Holt

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