Results for EM Urban League, Matlock, 11/05/2014

Please note that the date of DVO’s next Urban League at Oakwood will probably be earlier than planned (because of a carnival being held on the original date), watch this space.

Planner’s comments:

I do hope that our grappling with gripples in the pouring rain  this morning proved to be challenging and enjoyable for you. We had planned the courses at the top of the range to make best use of a super map and some opportunities for much route choice. I hope it worked for you and that you felt that the technicalities were worth the wetting.


My thanks to the wonderful 'DVO Machine’ for their unfailing organisational skills and smiles. Special thanks and commendation to Mike Godfree for his help and support with this venture over the last few months.


Doug Dickinson

Controller’s comments:

Doug was meticulous with his planning, my only problem was keeping pace with his constant improvements.  Particular thanks to Liz for tolerating another early morning and another soaking hanging controls in the northern estate.

Mike Godfree


Organiser’s comments:

A great big thank you to everyone for their contribution to making this morning's event a success DESPITE THE WEATHER! Everyone who was committed enough to turn up clearly took the steepness of the area in their stride as well as the persistent downpours - lots of people reporting how much they had enjoyed the challenge. I was loathe to go for a run myself but was really pleased I didn't miss out in the end. (Tip for Organisers - do the job as a pair and you also get to run)


Well done to Doug and Mike too!


Kim (and Russ)

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