Elvaston Results

Chris Millard		00:49:50	
Miles Plaskett		00:51:50	
Steve Lang		01:01:00	
David Bray		01:01:20	
Roy Mitten		01:03:10	
Mick Lucking		01:04:00	
Tracy Brookes		01:30:00	
Mile Forbes		01:32:30	
Ursula Williamson	01:38:20	
David Dawnes		01:07:50	DNF
Catherine Hughes	01:11:30	DNF
Laurie Fluck		DNF
Simon Elliott		DNF
Kirstie Forbes		DNF
Michelle Mackervoy	DNF

Max Elliott		00:39:50	
Ward family		00:49:50	
Benjamin Sellers	01:15:50	
Adam Fowler		DNF

Ethan Shepherd		00:17:40	
Ivan & Ailith Smith	00:30	
Peter & Ben Mackervoy	00:33:30	
Slater family		00:46:10	
Apologies to anyone whose name I've misspelt.
I think the Norwegian caught out a few who were not carefull enough noting the locations - but that is at least a chunk of the point. It's not the esiest area to get an interesting course so I hope this made the event a little different. The extra fence (surprise!) did remove some route choice but added some distance. I probably should have been a little more prescriptive with a couple of control descriptions