Results for DVO District Event, Carsington Pastures, 07/06/2009

Sunday 15:41 provisional results uploaded

Lost Property: Pair of shoes, set of car keys.  Apply to the organiser Stuart Swalwell

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Sunday 28th June, Limited Colour Coded (White to Light Green), Hardwick Park

Saturday 4th July, Limited Colour Coded (White to Light Green) & Derbyshire Schools Champs, Shipley Country Park, Heanor

Wednesday 29th July, Evening Street Score, Bakewell.  7:15 mass start, one hour score


Some Brown course competitors were initially disqualified due to the computer system not recognising the alternate control the second time they visited the common control.  The fact that power lines were on the first part brown course was due to an error on my part when preparing the maps for printing.  Mike Godfree

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Planners Comments

Much respect to all who were not put off by an awful forecast and braved weather that proved to be as bad as predicted. Carsington is idylic in good weather but very exposed when it gets nasty. Over 250 people ran in the end, which impressive and gratifying. I hope the courses proved worthwhile.
Many thanks to Ann-Marie whose creative ideas and attention to detail as controller contributed enormously. Thanks also to Mike Godfree for digital suppport and to Tony, Dave, Val, Hilary and partner who braved the conditions again to collect controls.  

Brian Denness

Report being sent to Local Newspapers.

DVOs fortieth anniversary weekend goes ahead despite typical June deluge

It appears traditional now to have a deluge in June but the heavy, weekend rain could not halt Derwent Valley Orienteering Club’s (DVO) fortieth anniversary celebrations last Saturday and Sunday

The event on Saturday was held on Littlemoor and Bow Woods between Cromford and Lea and Sunday’s at Carsington Pastures with Harborough Rocks.  

It was perhaps fitting that Saturday’s venue was Littlemoor Wood as it is a stone’s throw from Lea Green the first headquarters of the British Orienteering Federation. Littlemoor Woods had indeed been used for a demonstration event for the then fledgling sport introduced to England from Scandinavia in the late 1960s. DVO was founded in 1969 and it was pleasing to welcome two of the founding members, Brian Gibbs and John Hurley, to the event.  Originally exploiting the woodlands of what is now the World Heritage Derwent Valley the club has grown to cover all of the county and also Derby and parts of Staffordshire (Dovedale). Recently a satellite club, DVO Buxton, has been created to cover the High Peak area of the county and this has proved to be a very successful project.

Saturday’s event was centred on High Leas Farm and the organisers are indebted to Edward, Caroline and Richard Beaumont, especially for the accommodation of the barn for the follow-up barbecue.  The event was well planned by Tony Berwick and consisted of a score event. Competitors had exactly one hour to visit as many of the twenty six controls on the area as possible. There were severe penalty points for those who took over the allotted hour which led to some surprising results.

Whereas the intrepid orienteers of yesteryear had to confirm their arrival at control by stamping a card with an ink punch and in later years a pin punch, today’s orienteer carries a small chip on their finger which records their visit. Moreover the results are instantly downloaded at the end of the event and the results readily calculated by computer. No more meticulous checking of cards and challenges of arithmetic!

Sunday’s event was held at Carsington Pastures and Harborough Rocks a technical and physical open area which lends itself to traditional cross-country orienteering. Despite having to deal with sometime painful, horizontal hail there were some very fast times on Brian Denness’s well thought out courses which made the most of the areas and avoided long path runs. The opportunity to use butterfly loops, introduced at the Stanton Moor event earlier in the year, was once more successfully tried.

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