18th April 20


White Course

Jemima Churchouse 12.47

Benedict Churchouse 14.45

Alice Crane 15.00

Sybil Jenkins 17.40

Lucy Cundill 18.25

Francis Jenkins 18.45

Charlotte Crane 19.00

Mackenzie Hodson 23.18

Eleni Marshall 31.40

Newtons No time recorded (sorry)


Yellow Course

Zoe & Eleni Marshall 25.26

Sybil & Tracey 42.25


Orange Course

Benedict Churchouse 30.00

Jemima Churchouse 32.25

Francis Jenkins 42.17

Adam Gill 46.50

Holly Newtons 46.56

Hannah and Thomas 52.20

Oscar Jenkins 52.22

Tom Jenkins 53.26


Orange + Score

Sue Russell 55.55

Oscar Jenkins (Part2) 64.50 (+ control collection)

Pete Ambrose No time recorded.


We hope you all enjoyed yourselves today what glorious weather we had.


Please feel free to come along to one of our club nights either at Buxton, Chesterfield or Derby details elsewhere on the website if you would like to get to know a bit more about the sport.