Results for DVO Colour Coded Event, Crich Chase, Ambergate, 21/04/2002

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Please note that at the moment these results are very provisional. In particular the effects of one control box going down have to be sorted on the orange and red courses.

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Planners Comments

We would like to thank you all for coming and making all our efforts worthwhile.

Hopefully you all enjoyed the physical and technical challenge that will always be Crich Chase, along with the bluebells and cowslips - if not the unflattened bracken and everspreading bramble.

On a disappointing note we would like to make a comment on legs Blue 7-8 & Brown 16-17. Control 145 Gate N side had been set to take competitors through a boundary that could only be crossed at this point. Some competitors then, instead of taking 1 of 3 viable routes north of the wall, chose to come back through the gate and later cross a new one metre high barbed wire fence. This fence was not mapped as uncrossable because this symbol is used only to depict boundarys not crossable to the average orienteer. (IOF mapping spec 2000) rather than not being permitted to cross. Our sport is totally reliant on the goodwill of landowners and requires a degree of responsibility and common sense on the part of competitors. Perhaps we were na´ve in our expectations so this only leaves us to further clutter up the map correction board ( but not everyone pays attention to them ) or to put a dumbo leg into the course just to make sure.

Thank you John for your generally hands off approach to controlling along with your diligence and efficiency.
Thank you Steve for putting on another great DVO event.
And a special thank you to all the DVO members who willingly stayed on to collect in all the controls and save our very weary legs.

Dave Skidmore & Ruth Ellis

Controllers Comments

I hope you all enjoyed a nice day at Crich.

Apart from an SI unit failure affecting early starters on the orange and red courses, there were no problems and no complaints were made to me. I should like to thank Dave and Ruth for planning and Steve for organising the event. Not everyone may realise that it is the usual practice to download the SI start boxes to find out who has definitely started the event. At this event we found that two people ( and we know who they are) punched at the start box without either completing the registration procedure or subsequently downloading at the finish. This gives rise to a safety risk because we know that a competitor has started but do not know on which course, or whether they have finished. At SI events please do not start unless you have registered and once you have started you must report back to the download area.

John Hurley


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