Results for Derbyshire Schools Champs, Shipley Country Park, 04/07/2009

Sunday 20:00  final results uploaded. The results for Course 1 have been adjusted to take account of Control 104 being vandalised during the competition.  Those competitors who failed to find it have been assumed to have taken the same proportion of the winner’s time for the leg before and after as their proportion of the rest of the course. The full original splits for Course 1 are available via the splits links below.

The schools scores then are:

Primary – Pennine Way 584, Holmgate 581, Shirland 535, Etwall 163

Secondary – Pingle 298, Lady Manners 199, St Mary’s R.C. High 99.

Note the for schools competitors it is the school year not the age which is shown.

Next events:  Wednesday 29/7/09, Bakewell Street Score event 7:30.  Sunday 20/9/09 full colour coded white to brown, Calke Park, Ticknall.


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