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Planner's comments

This was a long time arriving for a local event. Having never been to Shipley before, I first scouted the area last summer and the bulk of the planning was done last autumm. Heavy snow on the morning of the orginal date in late November saw a late postponement, so it was a relief to finally see it happen.

If I'd been planning a June event from scratch, I may have done the longer courses a bit differently. The long leg on Orange south east of Osborne's Pond might have benefitted from an extra control among the small plantations which had been see-through in November. Despite one or two comments about the nettles, most seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to Rachel for being an excellent first-time organiser. Kim Buxton also deserves a mention for the organising work she did for the abandoned first date. I've particularly grateful to Steve for his very useful guidance to a novice planner, not least in encouraging me to view a course through the eyes of a junior.

I very much enjoyed my first attempt at planning - and might even do it again.

Murray White

Organiser's comments

Thank you to everybody who turned out to help make my first role as organiser run smoothly. Also, well done to Murray White in his first role as planner. Despite the showers, the first time orienteers appeared to enjoy themselves and seemed keen to have another go. Hope the more seasoned orienteers enjoyed themselves too.

Rachel Davis


Controller’s Comments.

I hoped that you all enjoyed the courses and did not get caught in the heavy downpours.

Sadly I wasn't feeling too well on the day and so extra burden was put on the organiser and planner. Thankfully they were both up to the task and in particular the hard work finalising courses last winter was worthwhile.

Shipley is not the most technical of areas but I believe that Murray’s courses got the best out of the area. In retrospect we may have been better to adjust courses to take more into account the much higher vegetation. As it was only one control was moved due to the nettles.

Well done to both Planner and Organiser for a good job on the day.

Steve Kimberley


PS I think it is the first time I have ever controlled an event to find the start fully set up at about 9.45am!



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