Results for DVO Regional Event, Stanton Moor, 31/10/2010

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If anyone is missing a map on the green blue and brown courses then email and he will arrange for either a pdf version to be emailed back to you or if you email your postal address then a printed map will be posted out.

Controllers Comments

I hope you all enjoyed the challenge provided by Stanton. The physical nature of the area with a mixture of rock underfoot, brambles, heather and gorse did keep minutes per km slow (for some of you), along with the technical challenges of the old quarry workings.

Thanks go to Ro Cole for planning courses that we had a lot of good comments on at the finish. This was Ro’s first event and she had planned the longer courses to use the area of Hill Carr Wood which would have provided a lot of runnable woodland with few paths. Unfortunately we lost this only a few weeks before the event so Ro had to re-plan these courses. I believe she got them just about right based on the times (maybe just a little long especially on the Blue).

The area does have quite a few restrictions in that we really only wanted folk to cross the major fences on the slope via crossing points, and the wooded quarry workings area also is surrounded by a fence which we had only 2 or 2 ways in and out. The hillside was very deep in bracken only a couple of weeks before the event so Ro planned the courses to provide lots of options for Blue and Brown to come up the slope, with minimal use of features on the slope. In addition she planned the courses to avoid the worst of the brambles in the wooded quarry area. Hopefully most of you managed to avoid the worst of the brambles.

Thanks also go to Stuart Swalwell for his smooth organisation. The only problem was we ran out of maps for the longer courses. Thanks to everyone who agreed to re-cycle their map, and hopefully you have been able to get a new map after the event if you wanted one. We may need to increase the numbers we print in the future.

String Course Results

Name			Age	time
Jamie Lowthian		8	2.40 mins
Rachel Duckworth	7	3.11 mins
Sarah Duckworth		9	3.25 mins
Peter Mackervoy		8	3.30 mins
Ben Hardy		6	4.25 mins
Sam Crawshaw		6	4.30 mins
Ben Mackervoy		6	4.40 mins
Ethan Tebbutt		9	4.45 mins
Thea Cromack		7	5.10 mins
Lauren Emery		7	5.45 mins
Hattie			7	5.55 mins
Sophie Vincent		8	6.00 mins
Abby Cromack		5	6.10 mins
Otilie Drown		7	6.30 mins
Alex Crawshaw		5	7.00 mins
Harrington Leake	5	7.30 mins
Louis Cromack		5	7.51 mins
Max			4	8.25 mins
Mackenzie Hodson	4	8.40 mins
Finlay Lowthian		4	11.15 mins
Ella Baxter		1	22.30 mins
Samuel Buckley		2	26.00 mins

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Orienteers are not spooked on Stanton Moor

Neither hobgoblin nor foul fiend could daunt the spirits of the three hundred souls that descended on to Stanton Moor for All Hallows’ Eve. This normally quiet moor, which was shrouded in a grey autumnal mist enhancing its aura of desolation and mystery, was not however the setting for the dark arts but for the skills of the athlete and orienteer. Derwent Valley’s latest orienteering event did not disappoint.

Poor visibility and intricate contour detail made this technical area just that little bit more interesting than the normal fare. Ankle-grabbing, energy-sapping heather and slippery rock features tested the fitness of all. Where is that broomstick when you need it? The excellent courses were planned by Ro Cole from DVO Buxton and made full use of the moor, the quarries and the woodland. This extremely physical area however did take its toll and there where quite a few competitors taking a long time to complete their course or even retiring.

A full range of courses were available from the White course for young children to the Brown course for the experienced orienteer. Attracting runners from across the country, top warlock was Richard Robinson from Nottinghamshire Orienteers who won the 7.4 km brown course in 53 min 48 seconds. Notable local results included first places for Andy Sykes on the blue course, Tim Cairns on the long orange course, Louis Forshaw-Perring on the orange course and Sarah Duckworth on the yellow course.

Orienteering is a sport for all and the next events in Derbyshire are at Shipley Park on Saturday 27th November and Shining Cliff, Ambergate on 5th December. There will also be a night event on 4th December at Allestree Park. See for further details or telephone 01629 734042.


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