Results of West Hallam path O, 29th April, 2009

  points collected penalty total time
1Dave Bennett4452042560:18
2John Hawkins4351042560:32
3Mike Godfree395039556:57
4David Vincent395039559:44
5Mike Gardner385038558:40
6Michelle Mackervoy365036557:39
7Rob Shooter365036558:03
8John Hopper3852036561:04
9Sal Chaffey360036058:20
10Liz Godfree3701036060:20
11Mick Lucking355035559:29
12Brian Denness335033558:46
13Sue Russell325032558:32
14Alex and Evelyn295029555:46
15John Benett285028558:44
16Zoe Gordon265026559:55
17Tony Berwick2101020060:32
18Terry Peach170017047:16
19Nicola and Harriet F1852016561:27