Results for DVO Club Champs, Ilam, 25/11/2017

Congratulations to the trophy winners:
Chris Yardley trophy (1st male to finish) – Dave Clough
Judy Buckley trophy (1st female to finish) – Diane Blount
Peter Bourne trophy (fastest male) – Chris Millard
Karen Jackson trophy (fastest female) – Rachel Duckworth
Lithuanian trophy (1st junior to finish) – Leo Crown

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Thank you for supporting the Club Champs on a miserable day – first snow of the season!  More runners this year than we have had for some years. Our apologies for running out of medium control descriptions (we suspect damp gloves meant early runners took more than one) and one or two wrong maps (again suspect damp gloves picking up two and throwing one back) but it is your responsibility to check you have the correct map.  One problem with doing the event with the minimum of manpower so that every one gets a run is that there is no-one to take your map out for you.  We were also a bit handicapped by the start area being taped off following a vehicle backing off the paved area, hence the convoluted map arrangement.

Thanks to Dave Nevell for proposing the handicapping (none of our changes seem to have affected the finish order).  Zoe Stevens of the National Trust and Kelly Hawley of YHA for use of the area and the rooms.  Also to Ranald and Stuart for marshalling when injured/recovering and Hilary, Carole, Viv and others who helped laying out the meal and washing up.

Those competitors who didn’t punch at the map exchange have been reinstated on the basis that they must have been there. Other events might not be so lenient.  Those competitors who jumped the fence before crossing the entrance road have not been disqualified given it wasn’t marked as uncrossable but not happy about you doing that when the gate is no more than 5 metres away!

We look forward to running at next year’s event.

Mike and Liz

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