Results for Wirksworth EMUL, Wirksworth, 01/01/2020

Our apologies for (just) running out of Course 5 maps. I hadn’t allowed enough for the East Midlands Urban League including a Male HyperVet category for the first time. MG

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Organiser – Nicola Hart
Planner – Jane Kayley-Burgess
Controller – Ranald Macdonald

Planner’s Comments

Starting at the Stone Centre meant we could provide a safe course for the under 16s, as well as parking, toilets and a good cafe. The challenge was to get the other courses into the interesting jitties and ginnels without a) having everyone there at the same time and b) avoiding unnecessary climb and dead running for course 5. 

Thank you to everyone who came today and for the positive feedback from some very respected orienteers.  Thank you also to all of those who helped make today a success, particularly Nicky Hart, organising her first level C event, Simon Brister, who had his first experience of planning and Ranald Macdonald for advice and guidance. Thanks to Mike for extending the Wirksworth map to cover the Stone Centre and Graham’s team of control collectors, so often the unsung heroes of events who do the work no one else wants to do, long after everyone else has gone home.  And everyone else!

Jane Kayley-Burgess

Controller’s Comments


Firstly, thanks to Jane for her very well planned courses which seemed to be greatly appreciated by most people. A couple of competitors somewhat churlishly commented that it wasn’t a ‘proper urban’ event, whatever that means. However, if they had read the pre-event details they would have had no surprises: ‘Urban, including woodland paths and tracks.’


Thanks to those who gave such positive comments about what a change it was to have such variety, even if there was quite a lot of climb. The early controls below the Stone Centre provided some initial orientation problems for quite a number of people and The Puzzle Gardens also gave cause for second thoughts about route choices. In fact, there were few legs where there wasn’t route choice.


By the time I got to see Jane’s courses there was little for me to do as they had been so well thought through and any suggestions I made were either taken on board or a good reason provided as to why her original plan was better. The only main constraint was not being able to provide a longer Junior course, but everyone by now knows the reasons for this.


Most people understand that a mass start is easier for us to run on New Year’s Day and the mass start/briefing gives the event more of a social feeling.


Thanks also to Nicky for her efficient Organising; Simon for assisting with control hanging and organising; Annie for checking that the Controller had placed his allocated controls in the correct place (in joke!); all the other DVO helpers, most of whom also managed to squeeze in a run. Thanks also to the staff at the café, who seemed to appreciate the extra custom and the Stone Centre was helpful in providing a room and use of the toilets.


Finally, thanks to all of you for turning up to our, by now, traditional New Year’s Day event. Hopefully, we’ll see you all next year – possibly at Buxton.


Ranald Macdonald, DVO, Controller


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