Results for Regional Event, Grangewood, 21/10/2020

Our apologies for the confusion with controls 103 and 134 which were initially transposed, affecting Orange, Light Green and Green courses.  The legs before and after the affected controls have been removed.

Organiser Sal Chaffey, Planner Dave Chaffey, Controller Iain Phillips (LEI)

course results
course splits

Lost Property – pair O glasses with black band, claim as below.

Planner’s comments

It was rewarding to see competitors bathed in the Autumn sun in Grangewood on Sunday, very different from the deluge on Saturday. Thanks for the positive comments and feedback on the courses. The most common negative comments were about the density of the vegetation near the final controls of the longer courses and difficulty in reading some of the map detail because of the positioning of numbers and the halos around them. We checked and tried to optimise these for all courses, but not sufficiently for some controls.

Many thanks to Iain for his helpful guidance and collaboration in controlling. 


Organiser’s comments

It was a pleasure organising with Iain and Dave, despite the challenge of Covid. I’ve enjoyed visiting the area since August, having competed there in DVO’s events in 2016 and 2018 (the very wet one). It really does offer a unique orienteering challenge! 

Thanks to all the DVO Help Teams, but especially to Malcolm, Hilary, Stuart and Andy who had the challenge of parking ~150 cars across 3 sites, one of which was only made available to us early this morning.

Jane Kirkland at Grangewood Farm Livery owns and manages the woods with her family. It’s always interesting chatting to her and learning about the problems of forest stewardship. Thanks also to the Woodland Trust for allowing us to hold the event.

Controller’s comments:

When I volunteered to control Grangewood back in the depths of time I had imagined it as weekend off orienteering racing for me in the midst of a packed season.  What came about was one race on and one that I wasn't able to compete in the middle of a very sparse season.  Congratulations to Sal for working out all the permissions and to Dave for his courses.  In the planning I pushed upwards Dave on the lengths especially of the longer courses to give an appropriate distance.  Given the size of the area he did very well to twist a Brown course in.  Grangewood provides a lot of good challenges especially to the returning orienteers, which made it a good place for a come-back event.  It was also highly popular with over 250 entries leading to potential problems with car parking as well as the expected issues in running a COVID-safe event.  In the end everything seemed to go off well, thanks to the organiser, the car parking team and, by no means least, the competitors themselves.  My apologies that I didn't spot Dave's transposed controls affecting the Orange, Light Green and Green courses. After swapping them, we then took the decision, in consultation with the organiser, to void the legs so that results on those courses can be fairly compared. IP

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