Results for Regional Event, Hardwick, 28/11/2021

Our thanks to the National Trust staff, especially Clare and Brona, for all their help to make this a successful event. 

Spare a thought for the control collecting team in the snow and the gloom.

course results
course splits

Organiser – Brian Denness, Planner – Andrew Middleton, Controller – Doug Dickinson

Organiser’s Comments

Well, weren’t we lucky with the weather? The storm had passed over and we were blessed by winter sun that only later succumbed to further snow. We were also lucky with the excellent courses provided by Andy and Doug’s positive support throughout as Controller. Hardwick is a delightful park to run through and the excellent facilities provided by the National Trust made life easy for us all. Special thanks must go to Clare and Brona for their help in facilitating the smooth running of the day and, of course to the DVO teams that made every aspect of the event run like clockwork, as usual.

There are two items of lost property; a purple Ronhill glove, probably a woman’s, and a Hygge buff in blue and yellow triangles. Please get in touch as below if you want them returned. Finally, thank you all for attending and making the day such fun to be a part of. There are a few photos on the DVO Facebook page that you might like to check out.




.I was privileged to plan on Richard Parkin's new map of Hardwick with its extra arboreal detail. From the start my aim was to maximize the time you spent thinking rather than just running and when longer legs were needed, I tried to create route choice. There seemed to be positive comments from finishing runners so hopefully I achieved my aim. My sincere thanks to Doug Dickinson for his positive and patient controlling and for his willingness to share the burden of control hanging on a very unpleasant Saturday afternoon. Many thanks also to our organiser, Brian Denness not least for arranging for nice weather while you were all out running!



Controller's Comments


I hope that you all managed to get home safely  As the last of the control collectors returned to assembly the blizzard came, by the time I left a deserted car park the snow lay deep and crisp and even. Weren’t we lucky.


I hope that you enjoyed your course. Andrew had taken a positive, new look at Hardwick and I feel that his courses kept you orienteering all the way round rather than just running. Many people commented on their enjoyment of the challenge. Sorry about the hill at the finish but it did get you back close to your cars.


Thanks must go to the DVO volunteers who, as usual, sprang to their tasks with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of professionalism.


Doug Dickinson

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