Results for Regional Event, Black Rocks, 15/05/2022

Organiser Sue Allard, Planner Jane Kayley-Burgess, Controller Steve Kimberley


Organiser’s comments

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the courses planned by Jane and enjoyed the warm weather which made for an enjoyable day out. Sue


Controller’s comments

I hope you all enjoyed your time at Cromford even though the area is physically challenging. 

Unfortunately, a large area of the map is difficult to use because of high vegetation.

This meant that in order to minimise the climb the event essentially went along one slope and then back on the same slope. 
The narrowness of this "corridor" caused issues with the clarity of the map particularly when also having to cut control circles. 

I hope that in future this area will be run on a 1:7500 map for Green courses and below to help with the clarity of the map. 

Steve Kimberley – Controller


Planner’s Comments


Firstly I will say it seemed to be a very happy day, with sunshine and fresh green and flowery woodland, moorland well chewed down by the cattle and sheep and great hosts at the campsite. All the teams worked so well and DVO showed its best side.


Now I will apologise wholeheartedly to the Short Green runners for the circle on 113. It was obviously clear on my laptop and on my printed versions but almost impossible to find on the final maps. Next time we use an area as complicated and busy as Black Rocks there will be maps at 1:7500. I also apologise to the runners who couldn’t see the uncrossable line along the fence at 125.


Black Rocks was a lot harder to plan than I expected and I really tried to make each course true to the rules and spirit of orienteering. With large areas of the map unusable because of awful undergrowth or ankle breaking rocks, I was left with the skinny bit across the middle.


I hope you didn’t feel you had to go up and down too often (unless you were running the brown). You certainly didn’t need to go up and down as much as Steve and I did!


I love this sport!


Jane Kayley-Burgess



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