Results for Club Champs, Brierley Forest Park, 15/10/2022

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First man, Rex Bleakman, Chris Yardley Trophy

First woman, Pauline Ward, Judy Buckley Trophy

Fastest man, Marcus Scotney, Peter Bourne Trophy

Fastest woman, Liz Godfree, Karen Jackson Trophy

First Junior, Alice Woodward, Lithuanian Trophy

Controller and Organiser's Comments

I hope everyone enjoyed their run in the Club Championships at Brierley Forest Park on Sally's interesting and challenging courses. We agreed at an early stage that we would run the event with minimal volunteer input so I took on the Organiser and Controller roles. Twice as many people collected controls as put on the event!

On the day Sally and I (aided by Cassie) put out and checked the controls and set up and ran the Start and Finish together. Apologies for the controls not being in air mode as they had been turned off for the British Schools Score Championships and we thought we were waking them up appropriately.

Thanks to Andrew Middleton for the handicapping and helping with the call-up. Thanks also to Mike Godfree for setting up the Download and processing the results when he finished his run. Entries were down from pre-pandemic championships with 48 finishers but our numbers for events are recovering and hopefully next year more people will see that the handicapping means that everyone has a chance of winning.

It was good to see so many staying for the prize giving and club awards and sorry for the delay in starting but it was only fair to wait for the control collectors to return.

Ranald Macdonald

Planner’s notes - Brierley Park Club Champs


Thanks for everyone who came and supported the Club Champs today.  The buzz at the finish was great to be a part of!  Well done to all runners and thanks for the feed back, which is below:


Many got confused with control 122.  The control was a vegetation boundary, SE tip. Many though it was a drainage ditch of some sort.


Ranald and I acknowledge that the map was incorrect around control 112.  Those astute orienteers who took a bearing, quickly realised the map was incorrect and should have more green further North. 


On the medium course it was good to see many route choices between your control 3 - 4.  That was my intent.


Similarly on the Long course, 8 - 9 was meant to make you think.  Some went up and over, others around. My planning worked!


You all commented on the intricacy towards the end of your courses.  Staying focused when fatigued is definitely an art and I intended to test you with lots of tight controls at the end.  I hope you were all duly challenged by this planning.


Numbers for today:

Short - 1

Medium - 27

Long - 21



Well done to all those who won prizes.  I look forward to planning more in the future.

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