Results for DVO District Event, Allestree Park, 19/11/2006

Sunday 18:39 provisional results uploaded

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Organiser?s Comments

Hmm, mostly a trouble free day, though with several relatively small problems which I hope didn't detract from everyone's enjoyment.
It is difficult sharing the open space at Allestree with the golfers. they aren't used to us dashing out of the trees all over the place, and we aren.t used to their requirements for calm during difficult shots. It is unfortunate that several controls were vandalised, we replaced boxes and kites as soon as were learnt of the problem, but by this time at least a few runners had been affected.

Many thanks to the DVO team for turning out in such numbers. Mike and Derek on finish/download take a lot of the strain off the organiser, the many volunteers made the registration/start run, and Brian Ward and Martin Pape deserve special mention, as they turned up to help despite being not fit enough to run. I asked quite a few to help with enquiries as we'd had a number of contacts from people for whom Allestree was their first event. I hope that you will all return to future DVO events, the next ones being at Ashbourne on New Year's Day and Eyam Moor, near Hathersage on Jan 21st.

Finally one item of lost property, a compass. Contact me on 01509 260751 to arrange collection.

Dai Bedwell

Strong Course Results

Name		Club	Age	Time taken (min:sec)
Jethro McGraw	DVO	9	0:04:28
Nathan Lawson	DVO	9	0:04:58
Max Elliott	NOC	10	0:05:15
Tessa Northcott	DVO	7	0:05:58
Nicola NorthcottDVO	8	0:05:58
Tamsin McGraw	DVO	7	0:06:23
Claudia Smith	NOC	11	0:08:23
Amelea Teal		5 3/4	0:08:52
Isabel Goodwin	NOC	7	0:09:35
James Bedwell	DVO	4 1/2	0:09:50
Samuel Davis	DVO	4 1/4	0:09:55
Joel McGraw	DVO	2	0:10:30
Lawrence Smith		5	0:11:15
Samuel Smith		5	0:12:15
Charles Smith		8	0:12:15
Sophie Vincent	DVO	4	0:12:50	
Jessica Grant		4	0:15:20	
Peter Mackervoy	DVO	5	0:16:00	
Samuel Boshier		4	0:16:27	
Imogen Boshier		4	0:16:31	
Rohan Jameson		3	0:16:35	
Lily Kenworthy		5	0:16:35	
Eva Jameson		5	0:16:35	
Daniel Young		3	0:19:15	
Holly Bailey		2	0:27:08	
Alex Bourne	DVO	2	0:32:48	
Lucy Bourne	DVO	4	0:32:48	
Ailith Smith	DVO	1 3/4	0:33:30	
Harriet (aka Nathan again) Lawson
11 0:03:14 Hope you got the sweet Harriet! Many thanks to all those who took part. As our first attempt it was perhaps a little on the short side but we hope you enjoyed it. Simon, Rachel & Samuel Davis


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