Results for DVO District Event, Crich, 21/05/2006

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String Course results

Name		Age (years)	Club	Time (mins)
Spencer		18 mths		Chesterfield	14
Mackenzie	19 weeks	Chesterfield	14
Elha		6		DVO	9
Shawna		4		DVO	10
Jasmine		3		SYO	9
Quin		5		SYO	9
Matthew		5		DVO	8
Elizabeth	7		DVO	8
James		4		DVO	13
Lucy		7		AIRE	9
Emma		18		DVO	8
Philip		8		SYO	7
Adam		5		SYO	7
Peter		4		DVO	9
Ben		2		DVO	19
Hannah		10		NOC	4
Carolyn		9		MDOC	4
Laura		7		MDOC	4
florence	11		AIRE	5
Lucy		7		AIRE	5
Rachel		2		DVO	16
Sarah		5		DVO	14

Controller's Comments

Water was definitely the theme for this event.† Special thanks are due to Severn Trent Water for allowing us access to their land for car parking at very short notice when an excess of their product on the planned car parking field rendered it unusable.† Because of this things did not run quite as smoothly on the day as we had hoped and the further rain made conditions unpleasant.† Thanks to all competitors for bearing with us and I hope you all enjoyed your runs when you got started.

† Out in the woods John Armstrong had planned some very interesting courses for you.† Average finishing times were generally within the guidelines even though some of the courses were shorter than guidelines.† Some people have suggested that the taped routes on the white course should have had a control at each end and in principle I would agree.† Others were confused after control 161 where we had a taped route (red/white) for white/yellow courses only and also a hazard tape (black/yellow) to protect against a dangerous crag, so possibly some advance warning of this would have been helpful.† No other comments were made to me. †

I endorse the comments made by the results team about the importance of filling in the Safety Information on the registration slip, particularly if you have travelled to the event alone and so have no-one to come and warn us if you are overdue back.†We will organise a search of the area for†an injured/possibly unconscious competitor if there is clear evidence that someone is missing but† since a search of Crich would require more than a dozen people for several hours, I would not regard a form with an illegible name and no car registration or phone details as clear evidence. † †

John Hurley

Land Access Negotiator's notes

† There is a drought so of course it has rained and rained and rained. This resulted in our normal car parking field being waterlogged. Consequently new arrangements had to be made rather quickly on Friday and Saturday. I would therefore like to thank Kevin Bacon of Severn Trent Water for allowing us to use the water company's land for parking at very short notice. Normally this would not have been allowed as the reservoir needs constant access. This reservoir†was built in 1909 and†doubled in size in 2000.† It is all underground and is the last reservoir in the Ladybower chain. Water from here feeds Derby, Nottingham and†Leicester. That is why we had to†keep the road clear. †

I would also like to thank George Lynam for allowing us to park at the Engine House. This†proved† essential as early arrivals did not have access to the†Severn Trent land. The Engine house was part of the railway system which went from Ambergate to Crich.

† With†ten different parking areas†[Engine House, Chadwick Nick Farm,†Severn Trent (4), Bowmer Rough Farm†(2), Chadwick Nick Lane near Top Hagg and the Common] parking was difficult. Thank you for your understanding.†£85.02 was collected from the car parking fees and all this money will be donated to a Breast Cancer Rearch Charity. It is possible that the collection bucket missed you. If this was the case and you wouild like to make a donation details will be appearing on the website soon.

† Thanks also to TransCo, the estate of Mr Smith of Allestree and Mr and Mrs Peter Dawes for use of their land for the competition. †

Paul Wright

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