Results for DVO District Event, Kedleston, 16/06/2007

Tuesday PM Final results uploaded includes reinstatement of those who missed control 13 on the Brown

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Controller's Comments  

I'm afraid that I wasn't at all well on the day of this event, with severe toothache from one tooth (which was found to require root canal work) and headache/drowsiness due to another tooth which had an infection.  So as some of you noticed,  I was still checking the courses after you had started, although I did at least get to the finish before any of you.  I didn't manage to get round the string course though, which was a great disappointment.  

As a consequence we did not have time on the day to sort out the situation with control 136 (Brown 13)  where the control was put out in one place, which seemed correct to me,  but the planner's peg was in a different place.  I should really have sorted this discrepancy out prior to the day of the competition and I apologise that this was not done.  Any competitors who failed to punch at this control have now been reinstated in the results.  

No other problems with the courses were reported to me.  Therefore it only remains for me to thank Michelle for organising, John Armstrong for planning and Paul Armstrong for his assistance with putting out the controls.  

John Hurley  

Organisers Comments  

I hope you all enjoyed the orienteering today at Kedleston. There were many positive comments to be heard which is always a good sign. I think we had a very lucky break in the stormy weather, and thankfully all competitors were back safe & dry, and we had just packed away the download tent before the heavens opened for a very heavy downpour!

Many thanks to the DVO members who volunteered to help and enable the event to run smoothly. My particular thanks go to John Armstrong for planning the courses and to John Hurley as controller, also to Steve Kimberley and Mike Gardner for setting up and running the computer system – a crucial part of the event which I have no expertise in at all. Thanks also to Rachel & Simon Davis for taking over total control of planning and running the string course. Finally, our thanks to the National Trust for allowing us to orienteer in Kedleston Park and for the use of their facilities.  

Michelle Mackervoy  

LOST PROPERTY: Silva compass & whistle, found in the car park
                       Pair of Montrail shoes, size 10½ , found by the orange juice
Please contact the organiser on 01332 557892 to claim your property.

Planner's Comments

Kedleston is a beatiful park but by June much of the woodland has heavy vegetation. My apologies to the Brown course competitors for controls 10 to 12 in some of the heaviest of this. At the beginning of May this wood was very runnable and I failed to anticipate how much growth there would be over the last 6 weeks.

I deliberately set the course lengths at the top end of the guideline range and judging from the results this seems to have been about right except for the Orange course which was either too long or too difficult. Sorry to those Orange competitors who spent longer than expected in the woods. At least the weather was pleasant.

It was disappointing to have a map correction when I had recently brought the map up to date and it was printed only 10 days before the event. I only discovered the new fence with 24 hours to go! I hope its absence from the map didn't confuse you too much.

Thank you all for coming. I hope you enjoyed your day in the sunshine with such a wonderful setting. And finally a big thank you to the National Trust for allowing us to use their parkland.

John Armstrong

String Course Results

Ethan Tebbutt			LEI	5	11m 15s	
Samuel Davis 1			DVO	4 3/4	10m 03s	
Eleanor Ragan			IND	4	10m 00s	
Sophie Vincent			DVO	4 3/4	9m 42s	
Rachel & Sarah Duckworth	DVO	3 & 6	8m 51s	
Miles Walker 1			IND	5	8m 17s	
Samuel Davis 2 & Miles Walker 2	DVO	4.75 & 5 8m 04s	
Imogen Wilson			LEI	6	7m 31s	
Simon Davis			DVO	44	6m 55s	disqualified - didn't punch!
Rhiannon Emery			NOC	5	6m 42s	
Miles Walker 3			DVO	5	6m 07s	
Miles Walker 4			DVO	5	6m 05s	
Imogen Wilson 2 & Nicholas Wilson LEI	6	5m 10s	
Tessa Northcote			DVO	8	5m 09s
Alex Wilson			DVO	8	4m 39s
Euan Tebbutt 1			LEI	8	4m 24s
Nathan Lawson			DVO	10	4m 12s
Euan Tebbutt 2			LEI	8	3m 42s
Harriet Lawson			DVO	12	3m 40s
Nathan Lawson 2			DVO	10	3m 36s
Jack Fletcher			SYO	12	3m 30s

Thank you to all of the children who took part. We hope you enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, Peter Rabbit was not in his rabbit hole as the area had been fenced off on the day.
It was good to see a competitive instinct in children so small as some had more than one go, trying to beat their former times.
Thank goodness the weather held off for most of the morning.

Rachel, Simon and Sam Davies

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