Results for DVO District, Riber Hillside, 29/04/2007

Monday 07:32 Revised results created

Our apologies to those competitors who had to mark up maps on Light Green and Brown.  The number of pre-printed maps was very nearly sufficient but we had not thought of the number of potential green competitors put off by the long walk to their start down-grading to light green.  We must also learn to fan through the maps to guard against competitors accidentally taking two.

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Controllers Comments.

Robert put a lot of effort into the planning of the courses and I believe that he made excellent use of the area. Most of you seemed to enjoy the challenge, despite the physical nature of the terrain; thank you for your supportive comments and thank you all for coming.

Another Robert did an excellent job with the organisation of the event and everything ran smoothly on the day, except that some people had difficulty in finding the car park. The grid reference quoted in all the various fixture lists (including the DVO list!) was incorrect, and I apologise to the COBOC couple & anyone else that was inconvenienced by this mistake.

Brian Ward

String Course Results

Name			Age	Club	Time Taken
Sophie Vincent		4	DVO	16 minutes
Joel McGraw		3	DVO	15 minutes
Matthew Jackson		6	DVO	10 minutes
Elle Rose McCartney	7	OD	10 minutes
Sky Wilson		8	TAC	8 minutes
Morgan Wilson		5	TAC	16 minutes
Finn Wilson		3	TAC	17 minutes
Caroline Hindle		10	MDOC	6 minutes
Laura Hindle		8	MDOC	6 minutes
Ethan Tebbutt		5	LEI	7 minutes
Euan Tebbutt		8	LEI	5 minutes
Sarah Duckworth		6	DVO	5 minutes
Jamie Lowthian		5	NOC	14 minutes
Ben and Thomas Gill	7 and 3	-	11 minutes
Eva Jamieson		5	-	12 minutes
Jessica and Jack Neath	5 and 5	-	11 minutes
Alex Weatherall		4	-	10 minutes
Rachel Duckworth	3	DVO	10 minutes
Ethan Tebbutt		5	LEI	11 minutes
Euan Tebbutt		8	LEI	12 minutes
Imogen Wilson		6	LEI	7 minutes
Ben Weatherall		7	WAOC	4 minutes
Nicholas Wilson		7	LEI	4 minutes
Ailith Smith		2	DVO	15 minutes
Mackenzie Hodson 	1	DVO	12 minutes
Jess, Nicola and Amy	11	DVO	4 minutes
Jess Beresford		9	DVO	3 minutes
Nicola Jackson		11	DVO	3 minutes
Amy Kimberley		11	DVO	9 minutes
Ben Weatherald		7	WAOC	3 minutes
Ben Beresford		11	DVO	2 minutes
Guy Ross		12	OD	5 minutes


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