Results for Stanton Moor, 16/11/2003

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Organiser's Comments

When I agreed to organise this event I didnít expect to be taking over as DVO Treasurer just a few weeks beforehand. This proved a bit of a distraction, but fortunately DVO helpers donít need much organising, and the effort was worthwhile for a successful event. Thanks to Mr Heathcote for use of the parking field and toilets at Barn Farm. I hadnít expected there would be campers there in mid-November, I hope they didnít mind being surrounded by us as they had breakfast.

Dave Bennett

Lost Property: 1 plastic magnifier. Phone Dave Bennett 01332 298959 to claim

Comment from the computer team:

Inputting your entry would be easier if you gave the correct BOF number and if your e-card is registered with BOF as then we don't have to type in all your details.† When your renewal comes in the next few weeks please check that your e-card number is shown correctly and if not highlight the correction on the form.

In return any comments on the event (e.g. I enjoyed my run but it would have been even better if Ö .) sent to will be relayed to the appropriate official.

Mike Godfree

Planner's Comments

A nice day, a good turnout (especially of youngsters) and no problems with the courses. If it was always like this we'd all be fighting to plan events. Thanks to Ranald and Mike Godfree for their help and to all of you for turning up and the nice comments at the finish.

Controller's Comments

Many thanks to Colin for his courses which seemed to meet with most people's approval. Though a relatively small area, the technical nature of the quarry area plus hard runs across the moor or round the paths meant that you had to adjust your orienteering approach a number of times - quite a challenge for some! The winning and certificate times seem quite reasonable and it's worth comparing BOF Guidelines with the numbers of competitors meeting them.

Course 		Time for  		Number  		Number 
		most competitors	completing course	within guideline
White 		15 - 35 		21 			16 
Yellow 		25 - 45 		27 			26 
Orange 		35 - 60 		24 			15 
Red 		45 - 75 		5   			 5 
Light Green 	35 - 60 		40 			14 
Green 		45 - 75 		88 			54 
Blue 		55 - 90 		71 			65 
Brown 		65 - 105 		49 			44 

The time range shown is that expected for the majority of the competitors to complete the course and the table would suggest that Light Green was quite a challenge for many - though the last competitor took 97 minutes and the previous one 87; and it was within the guide distance of 2.5 - 3.5 km at 3.1 km. We consciously kept the climb down on Green to reduce the physical difficulty as this has been an area for complaints in the past, but hopefully you still found it technical enough.

Thanks also to Dave Bennett and his helpers for the smooth operation of the event on the day and to the 350+ of you who came out on such a lovely day - some of you even managing to watch the England-France game before doing so!

Ranald Macdonald

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