Results for DVO District Event, Stanton Moor, 03/03/2007

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Organiser's Comments  

Firstly an apology to those juniors who paid £3 instead of the advertised £1. This was not, as I mistakenly suggested to one parent, due to a confusion between C5 and C4 fees, and was in fact  down to our charging an outdated fee. I apologise to those who paid more than they expected for their run and by way of recompense DVO would like to offer a free run at a club event before the end of April or a refund to anyone who contacts me over the coming week.   

That apart things seemed to go very well on the day. Thanks to everyone who turned out for a run on a damp Saturday morning. Your reward was a distinct improvement in the weather and the use of the convenient facilities provided by Barn Farm, not to mention the chance to enjoy Derek and Jen's courses on Stanton Moor. Thanks are also due to all those who volunteered to help at the event. I was greatly impressed by the willingness and good nature shown by everyone involved, which made my role a real pleasure. I would like to particularly mention Peter, who provided support in his role as Controller, and Mike Godfree, who set up and ran the computer side of things with his usual quiet efficiency.  

I hope that you all had an enjoyable day and that we see you at another DVO event soon.  

Brian Denness


String Course Results

	Name			Club		Age	Time
1	Becky Mead		DVO		12	4
2	Thomas McCann		MDOC		9	5
3	Yasmin Field		EBOR		7	5
4	James McCann		MDOC		6	8
5 	Kirsty Hanley		SYO		6	8
6	Fiona Hodgson		EPOC		6	8
7	Lucy Hanley		SYO		6	9
8	Robert Nicklin		SYO		7	9
9	Lewis Hodgson		EPOC		3	11
10	Peter Mackervoy		DVO		5	14
11	Sarah Duckworth		DVO		6	14
12	Abi Hodson		DVO		5	15
13	George Hobson		DVO		3	15
14	Joe Field		EBOR		5	15
15	Sam Davis		DVO		4	16
16	Samuel Boshier		DVO		4	16
17	Imogen Boshier		DVO		4	16
18	Rachel Duckworth	DVO		3	17
19	Ben Mackervoy		DVO		3	17
20	Sophie Vincent		DVO		4	18
21	Ailith Smith		DVO		2	20
22	Euan Tryner		SYO		2	23


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