Results for DVO EM League Level C Event, Allestree Park, 10/06/2012

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Saturday 23/6/12 Level D incorporating Derbyshire Schools Champs (White to Light Green courses open to adults as well)
Saturday 30/6/12 Level D  Swadlincote Woodlands (White to Light Green)
Saturday 14/7/12 Level D  Black Rocks, between Wirksworth & Cromford (White to Light Green)

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Firstly, thank you all for coming to an area that does not provide the greatest of orienteering challenges.  And then an apology as we clearly got the finish wrong though the very pleasant weather compounded the problem by bringing out the crowds who lingered around the finish.  Not that we re complaining, it made for a much more social event.  But we had the courses approaching the finish from different directions and whilst some spread  is necessary the angle that competitors were approaching was far too wide, causing the runners from the north confusion about where the finish was.  Apart from that the day seemed to go well with a one or two challenging areas that tested a few people.  The need to avoid the golfers always dictates that we run around the edge so there were, unfortunately, a few dead runs to get between the better areas.

Thank you to our two controllers  Colin John prior to the event and John Hurley on the day, who both provided much good advice and assistance.  Thanks also to Kim and Russell who provided a seamless organisation and a stress free interface  calm and professional.

Thanks also to Viv and Ranald who helped gather controls in at the end of a long tiring day.

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